A “Little” About Me. #1

Erm, well, I feel slightly awkward writing this, lay here in bed at what is 1:20 in the morning but yeah, thought it be best to introduce myself to this strange place that I don’t really know what I’m doing on, erm yeah, I’m not very illiterate so if I start chatting sh*t then don’t roll your eyes too much but do read on, I’ve had a semi-interesting life, if you’re even reading this. I don’t imagine many people will read this as I don’t have that many pals and I probably won’t tell many people I’ve written it and I will just let it fester on the internet with three people having read it, but if plenty of people read it I hope that long may it continue because I’m good at chatting shit in person so hopefully I can do that typing, but anyway less of this long, un-witty intro and I will get on about my 20 years on this strange planet.

*ps I will say erm a lot because I am nervous*

Erm, where to start..

I’m Ethan, people call me eth but I despise it so yeah if you’re reading and you call me eth then hint hint. I’m 20 and I currently live in Birmingham, it’s not the best place to live, its very grey and not a lot of fun but at least we have the internet. I don’t have a lot to do with my “father” but yeah that’s for another time, or later if you keep reading idk, but my mum on the other hand, is down right the greatest person to grace my life with her presence I could never ever ask for a better parent she is unreal, she struggles from time to time but who doesn’t, she is the rock on which I have depended on all of my life so far, she has the best advice, however little or often I listen to her advice its still the best and I know that deep down but hey, who isn’t a stubborn 20-year-old these days??? but yeah she’s amazing, shame I can’t say that about the other parent, he’s not great but yeah, I’ll probably cry and that’s not good for the persona I’m trying to play out.

My grandma and grandad, they are also very much the rocks in the foundation of my life and I could not live without the crazy crazy pair that refuse to get on but they are funny and they keep me on my toes so hey ho, I’ll forgive them for shouting at 10 in the morning about a hoover or said carpet needing hoovering, its all fun and games. They are amazing, not only to me but to my mum, my brother and sister that I haven’t yet mentioned that are also great and as a big brother I can sometimes not be the best but I love them both to bits and they are great. But without my crazy ass family I wouldn’t be the person I am today, as lost and confused about the world as I may be.

Man school was fun, I don’t really remember a vast amount about primary school apart from being my normal cheeky self but yeah it was fun I presume, high school was also amazing, making many friends and loosing as many once I left, but oh well, you find new friends in the world, the one friend that I wish to hold on to forever didn’t even go to my school but she is amazing and crazy and my alter ego, I love her to bits. yeah high school was fun but I 100% didn’t want to be there so I acted so, only attending to have fun and learn the occasional thing, but I was young and I never had aspirations of going to college and uni so hey ho.

yeah I wanted to be a chef and that is what I am, hence why I didn’t really care at school because I just wanted to cook and read through cook books like a mad kid but here I am, worked and eaten in some amazing places around the uk and further a field & always looking and reading and watching more and more wanting to learn and progress, my time spent at l’enclume in cumbria really changed me as a chef and a human, it made me learn a lot about myself and my industry, to start out at 14/15 as young kid that knew nothing other than what I had read and watched and admired my home economics teacher do 3 hours a week to working at the best restaurant in the uk four years later I can only thank friends and family around me that pushed me to follow my career and dreams and be what I wanted to be, as a “guy” that just loves to ask questions and be a sponge as my mum likes to say, I learnt a lot in the 5 years I’ve been a chef, some great, some bad, I’ve had good advice over the way and I’ve met some really influential people that I will never ever forget, who have shaped me to be who I am now.

moving 100+ miles away from home was hard, very very hard, for somebody who loves nothing more than being around his mum, grandparents, family and friends, moving somewhere where I had nobody, not a soul that I knew, I became very alone very quickly, any given moment I had I would travel home, spending many of hours on the train, three sometimes four trains just to spend 24 hours with my family, but I needed that you know, behind this massive confident persona that I may put on is a very very shy boy that is very nervous of what people may thing of him, wanting to make a good impression and at the same time wanting to be myself, luckily, the many people I worked with in the past few years have seemed to like me so I can’t be that bad, making friends along the way, some I will remember forever, like Simon, my ginger Scottish friend that drove me all the way to my mums front door step at 3 in the morning on Christmas Day before he continued on to Birmingham, just so I could be with my family for Christmas, what a great great man, I hold my hand up in saying that he is somebody that I will cherish forever, plus we shared a bedroom and chats about life at three in the morning so yeah. stay ginger my Scottish friend.

there’s not really a lot more I want to share because its personal and I’m shy and idk I don’t want people to judge me, so there are a few good times in my life and what I remember, please enjoy reading and give me feedback on Instagram if you like.

I may seem very confident and forward but I really aren’t, inside my head on a daily basis I control my thoughts very well, I’ve heard and seen a lot of things and been through enough to destroy a person but I’m strong, mentally anyway, not a lot gets on top of me and not a lot of my problems come out but I’m always there for anybody, I try my best to give the hard-hitting advice but I struggle with my own mind sometimes this Is why I think I can be a bit over the top, its a release, of pressure, stress, worry, angst, anger and oh boy is it a relief sometimes, sometimes I cry but behind closed doors, I don’t like people seeing me cry, I like to be the strong one.

if you got this far, thanks for reading, I hope I didn’t bore you and there will be more if you’re even interested


Ethan X


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