Tattoo’s, Piercings & Other Shit. #2

It’s me again, well yeah it’s my blog so its gonna be me? once again I’m gonna write a big cheese intro for all the haters out there that don’t want to read Long intros, but I just want to, first of all, thank everybody that read my first blog post and shared the love and messaged me nice comments and stuff I really appreciate it, it was lovely to get feedback on my work, especially with it being my first post.

Erm yeah, I didn’t really know what I would do my second blog about or whether I would even do one, so I thought about it and decided I would and do it about something that I think a lot about on the daily but write about it in a more confident fashion.

However titling the blog ‘tattoos. piercings and other shit.’ it’s not just gonna be about those things, The main backbone of this blog is going to be like about loving who I am and doing things that make me happy and more confident in myself. So I thought id talk about my tattoos, and if you decide to read on from here, please enjoy and spread the love, please read on until the end, it’s not all just about my tattoos.

Being only 19 and 8 months that means that I have only been able to get tattoos for one year and eight months because breaking the law is bad and I wanted a good tattooist so I didn’t go to somebody that would just tattoo anybody, anyway anyway, like every teenager in the 21st century I have wanted a tattoo for a long time and had always had screenshots of Pinterest or Tumblr tattoos on my phone but then when I turned 18 I decided (after asking my mums permission, even though she has tattoos so I knew she wouldn’t say no) whether I could get a tattoo, of which she was fine with so of course I went on the internet to find a good tattooist, I didn’t just want normal average tattoos so I wanted to find tattooists that I personally think are the style that I like but put there own spin on things after tattooist window shopping around I found some really good tattooists, 6 of my 10 current tattoos have been done by laura swift at Penny Black, 2 of the remaining 4 being done by Callum Hanley at Ink R Nation. And the remaining two done by artists that I found on the web one being a tattooist in Brighton who was the chilliest guy I ever met.

So yeah, my first two tattoos where both done in the same sitting, and they are still to this day my two favourites and I think its because they were my first, I got these two with no real meaning other than the fact that I thought they were cool but I have recently decided that my lotus flower is a tattoo that is about my Grandma, because a lotus flower is a flower that is a delicate flower with many layered petals just like my Granma, delicate but with many layers, she is beautiful just like my tattoo.

13934724_551390805045447_3187470392799386545_nThe funny story about these tattoos is when I first uploaded the photo onto Facebook I managed to convince my Granma that they were just transfers and would eventually wash off in the shower.

A few months later I got two more tattoos again in one sitting and again by Laura, once again one was a flower and one was a linework pattern, the tattoo with a sunflower in the middle is a tattoo that I got for my mum, because I’ve never been one for the generic “mum” tattoo with a heart or a rose, instead I got a tattoo of my mums favourite flower, a flower that ever summer she grows multiple in the back garden and are always taller than her, that isn’t that hard but, so I got the sunflower tattoo for her, I tried for ages to draw it myself but I was doing it no justice at all until one day I found a tattoo of a sunflower in a triangle and that was it because my mum is the sunflower in the centre of a 3 sided shape, (she’s got three children) it all makes sense you see, and the other tattoo is a mandala on the back of my arm, that I always forget that I have until people mention it, I always forget how beautiful it is so seeing it every now and again never ruins the beauty.


p.s the red dots are not a tattoo they are just sharpie.

About three weeks after I got the tattoo that is most hated by most people, I got the word “temporary” on my forearm, I love it but a lot of people don’t understand why I would get something like that on my body forever but but the meaning shows that It isn’t just me being an idiotic 18 years old, I hear everyone asking what is this game-changing meaning, so.. everything in life is temporary i.e love, money, friendships, jobs, etc but tattoos last forever, until you rot away six feet under, a tattoo stays with you where ever you go, so the irony of having a “temporary” tattoo that isn’t temporary goes well in my life considering I’ve had many temporary people in my life.


In January of 2017 I then began to start my sleeve on my right arm with one of the best tattoos I’ve had but its one of most painful pieces so far tho because the underside of my arm was the worst amount of pain ever but I battled through and am now left with one Half of my arm looking unreal, surrounding the whole of my upper arm in flowers that are so so well done, however much pain there was, now having one of the coolest upper arms ever, but I am biased but it is amazing.


In February I  went to Brighton for a long weekend away and to see that part of the country, while I was looking into going to Brighton, booking trains, hotels etc I thought hey, i’ve always loved Brighton why not get a tattoo while I’m there and oh my is there some sick tattooists in Brighton and the choice was so so hard but I finally found somebody that was free at the time I was going to Brighton but also did the style of tattoo that I’m into and that is when I got my transforming hearts, a trio of hearts on the back of my left arm that represent, my mum, my brother and my sister, the three hearts of my life, they are all different hearts just like how all three of them are so different but equally as loving in there own way, I love this tattoo because it reminds me of Brighton but also of my family.


I then left it until March to continue my sleeve on my right arm, and I really did confuse it, with a HUGE ass mandala on my forearm with so much shading, dot work, line work one of the biggest and most detailed mandala tattoos that I’ve ever seen, far far from what I ever expected to get and far better than my imagination could ever produce, I don’t really know what to say about this tattoo but allow you to admire it.


I then didn’t get any more tattoos until September, and I got three separate tattoos, the first two being a hand holding the earth to represent that fact you always have the world in your own hands, you can go out and control your own world, and a tattoo that is two hands making a rectangle like how an artist would do to allow them to see what they want to draw but framed so without anything extra and this represents seeing the world for what you want to see and seeing things for the beauty you create.

And last but not least is a tattoo that I had promise laura that I would get since quite early on in my tattoos I finally decided to get it done and its that good I sometimes think that its a real watermelon, and this tattoo doesn’t really have much more of a meaning than everyone loves watermelon.


During all this time of getting tattoos I was dying my hair, lighter brown and silver to make it stand out more and getting piercings, however never getting exactly what I wanted with my hair being silver I just rocked blonde, being a very confident person now helped me with changing myself and accepting who I am, I got more piercings than what I have now but I am happy with what I have now, one in each ear, both subtle enough to not always get noticed.

Over the past year and 8 months I have come to realise the confidence that you can gain from getting tattoos, they have made me a lot happier with who I am now I am more colourful, getting tattoos so far for me has been an experience, mainly a mental one, on a journey of accepting my look by creating what I want to look like I have managed to boost my confidence and this is not something that I expected from getting tattoos and I’m not saying that people should just get tattoos for confidence, because I didn’t I got them because I thought they would just look cool but they are much much more than that, they are a dirty look of old people and some young people anywhere you go and an instant judgement that you’re a thug because you’ve got tattoos but they’re also a conversation starter, they’re always the first thing people ask me “why do you have tattoos, what do they mean?” before they begin to twist your arm into places its never been before just to get a good looking at you.

Be the person you want to be and create yourself, get yourself coloured in, get multiple piercings, change your hairstyle, the way you dress, be who you really want to be because that’s what I’m currently doing and it makes me a hell of a lot happier with myself than I would be tattoo and piercing less.

Thank you all once again for reading and I hope this was as good as my first if not better. More is coming.

Feel free to message me and ask me any questions if you have any.

Be who you want to be and be humble.

Ethan X


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