A Mother, A Daughter, A Sister, A Friend. #3


If ever I was going to write a post about one human, there would only be one human I could write it about. a woman that needs no introduction and no conclusion. a woman that carries my world and the world of other on her own shoulders.

A lady with the best advice and the biggest, selfless heart I have experienced.

A rock that I personally have depended on for the past 7162 (and counting) days I have been alive.

My Mum.

I know that most people in this position would be saying a lot of things about there mothers that are close to what I am about to say but I don’t believe you because my mum is the best and I’m sure she herself would say this about her own mother, who is also amazing.

She is the best, cliche I know but it’s true, from the day I was born she has been the best and until the day I die I will believe so, coming into this crazy world she has supported me, she has picked up the slack of my other parent, doing everything for me that two parents should do and still doing it better than most, whether she agrees or disagrees with things I do in life she supports me and is always there as a shoulder to cry on or ears that understand, she for me is the best person I have ever met and not many people have come close.

As a mother, a friend and a brew maker she couldn’t be better, doing everything I have ever needed her to do, helping me through touch times, when I couldn’t accept why things where happening the way they were she was always there to support me, help me.

I have always worried that it would upset her me being so upset at times over the lack of why another parent doesn’t love me, I always thought that she would wonder why her love wasn’t enough but it really was just sometimes you see past the love you are so used to and wonder why you don’t get other love just like that and sometimes it just isn’t to be, but I have always known that I can fall back on the best woman to grace my life.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye because she refuses to admit that Im right all of the time but she will one day, hopefully…

Not only to support me in such a great way she has always done her best supporting my brother and sister, however challenging one can be and how laid back the other, she’s always done more than enough to raise three wonderful children.

I owe my whole life to the rock in which created me, carried me and loved me and until the day I die I will owe her. she fills every void my mind/life has created, she was always there for me even when I lived miles and miles away she was always just a phone call away, sometimes for hard hitting advice or just a daily chat about the weather.

The reason of my attitude of hard work, and hard hitting, stubbornness and confidence advice has sprouted from her. I couldn’t ask for anybody better and I don’t want or need anybody else.

She will 100% cry at this and say that I didn’t have to write something about her because she knows everything I have written in here already.

long live the smiles, laughter and happiness.

Love you mum x x x

Ethan X


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