A Bucket List, Past & Present #4

The blog posts are coming thick and fast at the moment but I think I’m going to slow it down after this but I’m just really loving expressing myself on the daily. This one not as heartfelt as the other just a fun bucket list of things I’ve wanted to do, have done & past bucket list things that I probably have let go of now.

I’ll start in the past, things I used to want to do but aren’t that keen on doing now and a few reasons why;

  • Making a Youtube channel. I think with the money now available on youtube when you make it big who wouldn’t want to make a Youtube channel and see themselves living the life of Youtubers now? me none the less, I had always wanted to make a Youtube channel but never really had the ideas, confidence or commitment to make videos for the fun.
  • A “Lads” Holliday. I like many boys in my case and girls in terms of a girls holiday have always wanted to go on that generic lads Holliday like in the inbetweeners movie, but as many people reading these blogs will know I’m not a very “laddy” lad and its never really materialised but oh well.

Bucket list things that I have completed;

  • Moving away. I had always wanted to spread my wings and learn to fly the nest, and in September 2016 I got the chance to do that, getting a Job in Cumbria, I got the chance to move away and moved into shared work accommodation with 4 other lads, the flying soon halted and I moved back home in may 2017.
  • To visit Brighton. After always admiring Brighton in all its glitz and glamour I decided to take a long weekend away and visited Brighton, staying in a really cool hotel with a light-up mirror controlled by an app on your phone and underfloor heating I couldn’t have been happier, sitting on the beach eating sushi, and eating at the breakfast club.
  • To Work and Eat at Michelin Starred restaurants. This is something that I wish to continue and long may it continue, having visited many restaurants both in the UK and outside I’ve spent a lot of money but experienced a lot from langoustine head juices to caviar and truffle, memories have been made and desires filled, working at Michelin starred restaurants is fun, to say the least, never mind hard, learning something new every day, working in Cumbria for 7 months and also many stages around the UK.

The bucket list for the future;

  • Masterchef. For many years I have wanted to go on Masterchef but you have to be 20 to apply and sadly I’m only 19 but next year I’m going to apply. So watch out.
  • To continue my blog. Even though I’ve only been writing blogs for a week or so I wish for it to Continue because as we speak, I love it, I feel comfortable and I’m having fun, I would love for my blog to get relatively big, but if not I’ll still have fun with it and friends and family can read them.
  • Buy a man shed. Every guy wants a mad shed so that they can build things, break things and have fun in there shed and I’m no different, mine might be a bit more chef orientated though.
  • Open a business. I think 90% of people say they would love to open there own business and be there own boss, and I’m no different. I want to open my own restaurant, shop, strip club (lol jk)
  • Get more tattoos. PLUG PLUG PLUG GO READ MY BLOG ABOUT TATTOOS ITS GOOD I THINK, I have always wanted tattoos and have always had photos on my phone, currently I am 90% of the way through finishing my sleeve and have 70% of my other arm tattoo’d but I want to be covered, so becoming famous from blogging would be great, thank you.
  • Travel. Travelling is a real passion of mine, it’s up there with cooking an being a daily nuisance, I want to see the world, I want to learn about cultures, foods, clothes, the past, I want to know it all, next destination; RUSSIA.

Just a quick one

Ethan X

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