24 Hours in Copenhagen. #5

I’ve decided that my next few blogs are going to be about where I’ve been recently and things I’ve eaten, I’m writing this in advance as I want to have 3/4 scheduled posts just incase I get busy.

So far my blog posts have gone down so well and I’m loving writing them, I’ve been some cool ass places and taken some cool as photos.

Copenhagen man! what a sick place, I wish I had more time to spend there and I will definitely be going back, the people are lovely and they speak pretty good English which helps, as my foreign language barrier has never even been tested so I wouldn’t like to try now.

When I went to Copenhagen I went for one reason, I was going to eat at relæ, a nordic restaurant with 1 Michelin star, I decided to go to relæ rather than noma or geranium, not only because the other two are impossible to get a table at, I just prefer it, after reading the book on multiple occasions I decided to book a table, flights and a room and jetted off to Copenhagen, I was there to eat at the restaurant and see what I could see in such a short time and I’m glad I did, they have DOUBLE DECKER TRAINS.

This was also my first trip abroad, without being a child, with my family.

Oh by the way they have the coolest airport ever, it looks like a paper airplane.7022_11067511_867201170003764_4753716333680756475_nLike how actually cool is that.

so yeah I landed in Copenhagen around 3 in the afternoon after a quick easy hour long flight. All was good, I then got an uber from the airport to my hotel, a uber ride that took no longer than 15 mins, 300kr. which is like £35/£40 which was the only downside to the whole trip, considering my 10 course Meal cost 895kr. it was quite a lot just for a taxi ride around the corner.

The hotel I was staying in was really cheap but really nice, no bigger than a premier in room, walk in shower all that biz, but it was really nice, big tv, comfy bed. The hostess with the mostess was wonderful too, she spoke excellent English. The breakfast was lovely too, all you can eat sort of thing but it was better than normal places.

The relæ experience;

I booked my table for 6:30 because I don’t like eating too late especially with these meals having the ability to span a few hours I decided 6:30 was a good time, as usual I arrived really early so I went to a coffee shop that was a 5 minute walk from relæ, it was lovely, I later found out that they are a big chain and you can order there coffee online, it is lovely, I should really buy some.. one moment..

coffee ordered lets continue, when I was walking to Copenhagen I thought I had go by as the sign is so little, I had to walk back past to take a photo,

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 23.32.42.png

I went through the door to instantly be greeted by a chef, she showed me to my table, I sat down and she said that I should open the drawer on the right, so I did, in the draw was a few pairs of cutlery, my napkin and menu, this was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a restaurant yet,


While I was admiring there wonderful drawers, another chef brought me over a warm, damp napkin to warm my hands as it was getting cold out, a lovely touch.

After having a look around I realised, there was no front of house staff, it looked As if the chefs where the only members of staff, no complaint of mine, all chefs love talking to chefs. Then it began, my ten courses came, one after the other, each having something I hadn’t tried before and each as beautiful as each other.

it was a truly amazing experience, one that I wish to do again, admire the photos, leave a comment if you want details on course by course

Thankyou once again for reading.

Ethan X

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Next blog;

3 days in Brighton..



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