3 Days in Brighton. #6

Here goes, my favourite trip so far, I took a lot of photos in Brighton, but still not enough to satisfy my needs, I still really want to go back to Brighton, for longer, changing hotel rooms midweek as theres a few places I want to stay.

I was living in cumbria when I went to Brighton so it was a VERY VERY LONG train journey

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 00.41.30.png

Five hours to be precise, I left at around 7 in the morning I think, so that I would get there within a reasonable time, it took so long to get there but it was worth it. Three trains and the tube, but fully worth it I promise.

When I arrived I was overjoyed with excitement as you can assume and rushed out of the train station and straight into an uber to my hotel, so that I could throw my bag in my room and get back out there and see things, the pier, the old pier that burnt down, the lanes. There was just so many photo opportunities, so much art, just beauty each and every way you turned.

There was graffiti everywhere, it was like a heavily tattoo’d city. I Loved it.

Another thing that I had never seen before was all of the electricity boxes all had cool designs on them, alot of them with meaning towards things people around there thought highly about; keeping the beach clean etc.

not only was the graffiti amazing so were the people, the amount of coffee shops I went to and spent 2/30/40 minuets just chatting away to the barista about different things and the benefits of living in Brighton, I felt that bad in one coffee shop I brought another coffee. Part of me wishes I had started these blogs in the time I had been to Brighton because I would have taken a lot more photos and wrote about a lot more. such a wonderful city that I will return to in the new year.

I just remember that as soon as I was leaving I wanted to go back, I want to live there, I want to open a restaurant there. Brighton is my spiritual home, its where I want to settle at the moment, maybe in the new year I will look into moving there and hopefully see everything I wished to see that I couldn’t while I was there.

A wonderful city with wonderful people, Cant wait to return in the new year.

Ethan X

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