My experience of blogging so far. #7

So i’ve only been blogging for around two weeks but I thought that I would do a quick update on how I feel about, how I feel it’s going and where I want to be in a few more weeks time.

Being a Male blogger in a world that seems to be full of women is different, it’s perceived as Avery feminine thing to do but I’m enjoying it and hope that long may it continue. I have rapidly realised how addictive putting my feelings across on a blog is and it’s a lot easier than putting them across on a daily basis, something that I am not good at, at all, I like to bottle up my feelings and putonghua a brave face so these blogs have so far been an opportunity to put my feelings across, which is good for me.

I’m probably really annoying my social media community because all I seem to talk/ post about at the moment is my blog but they will get used to it, the support I have had since starting has been phenomenal, it really helps to know that your audience, not just friends and family but a wider community, people from Twitter and beyond have also given me good feedback which is nice, everyone loves a bit of recognition.

So far my head is so full of ideas and my ever changing life will continue to throw up ideas, I’ve never lacked in creativity, how every often I decide to express it. I would love to contour long not the future writing blogs and hopefully make it big, I like making people laugh, happy and I feel I have good life advice as I’ve already been through stuff in life to have good advice so hopefully I grip a larger audience in the future and forever grow.

As a male that’s not football, cooking & tattoos it will probably be a long time until i do a makeup haul because that’s really not my style, sorry to disappoint, I am planning on doing a website “favourites” type blog soon but it’s still in my drafts so it will be a while until you get to see that one.

So to conclude I f*****g love blogging man, long may it continue.

Peace out.

Ethan X

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