Things I hate (I probably do some of these too) #8

Being able to schedule blog posts is the greatest thing to date, currently, i am so far ahead, because i am so blessed with lack of sleep and quick fingers i have been able to write a few blogs and get ahead while the ideas are still piling up.

Today’s blog is quite an opinionated one, people may not agree with some of the things i hate and many people may have more than what i put here but being nineteen i decided i might as well do 19 things i hate, i hope to not offend anybody, but these are just my own pet hates.

  1. Uncontrolled kids on public transport or in public, I put this one as number one, because this is something that really makes my blood boil, NOTHING annoys me more than when you’re on the bus or a train and there’s a child screaming or kicking your chair and you turn around to realise that the parent is sitting there on there phone just doing nothing about it, i experienced this the other day i was sat on the bus on the way to work and this kid kept kicking my chair and screaming that loud i could hear it over my headphones, and trust me, I don’t listen to my music quietly, stormzy was blaring out pretty loud, but i lost it when this child started putting his arm through and touching me, like please leave me alone, so i turned round to gesture to the “parent” to stop the child, SAT THERE ON HER PHONE.
  2. Know it alls, jeez nothing on this blessed planet is more annoying than somebody that does nothing but think that they are the best at everything and know whats best, they know the best way to do anything, they know everything. This really pushes my buttons, Becuase normally its dickheads that study a shit course at uni that bigs them up so much they begin to think that they’re the best, and they’re not Kanye is.
  3. Dirty looks because I have tattoos, Normally this is people of the older generation that do this, especially in public places, like yes i have tattoos, but no i won’t mug you, I’m not a scumbag, I’m actually just a nice approachable 19 year old with drawings on my own body. Just don’t come too close, i do bite.
  4. Arrogance into ignorance, this is something that i think sometimes people will mistake for confidence but when people genuinely think that they are better than people, maybe because of there financial status or they go to a good uni, this does not make people better than anybody. If your blood is red you’re equal.
  5. Chavs, especially ford ka chavs, like if you sit in your ka, listing to Gekko on a grocery store car park the likelihood of my judging your Nike 95’s and north face puffer jacket is high, like why.
  6. Miserable people, now i understand that everyone has things going on behind closed doors but please don’t take this out on me, I’m nice an I’m being polite to you, ill have a conversation with you and i will try my best to help you out if i can but please do not be super miserable and ruin everyone else’s mood.
  7. Samsungs, seriously buy whatever phone you want, but the fact i have apple products isn’t a reason for Samsung owners to say “oh don’t drop your phone the screen will smash” or “my battery lasts for 124 years” i do not give a shit, I’ve had an iPhone for a long time and I’ve never once smashed it so please check yourself.
  8. The “You didn’t go to uni so how are you going to get a job” club, now these £9,000 a year paying nonces really do get to me, I’m sorry that you studied law and psychology at uni and you’re now working in a coffee shop, that is not my fault, I might not be qualified to be something on paper like you are but personality defines a lot of jobs and if you’re a twat, there’s less of a chance of you getting employed just because you went to big people school.
  9. People that don’t like “hot drinks”, TEA & COFFEE IS LIFE. Enough said.
  10. Friends that just want you when they’ve got nobody else, i mean i am bad at replying but some people that literally just want you to do something because they are bored and they have nobody else to do something with so they message you like they’re your best friend. Please no. I want to stay in bed.
  11. Skinny people that can just eat anything, it’s really not fair, some people are so skinny and they can eat and eat and eat and still lose weight, i eat an apple and put on ten stone. Help a friend out, Tell me your secret.
  12. People that stick to one music genre because “all other music is shit”, music is art and art is there to be loved in all of its shapes and sizes, as somebody that will literally listen to any type of music from rock an roll to les misérable to grime, i really don’t care, if i like it i like it.
  13. The UK. The weather. The people, however beautiful parts of the UK can be, my god it can be boring, ugly and always raining, and with 2017 having another shitty summer it is driving me closer and closer to the wanting of living in a hot sunny country. *coughs* Australia.
  14. Insecurities, Now i know everyone is insecure and everyone hates that fact and you can never get away from it, even if you did look like Michelle Keegan, but for me securities are such a social thing that has been created, in today’s generation, you have to look good, you have to have to have the freshest outfit, you have to be super fit and go the gym and eat quinoa salads on the daily. i hate that this is society.
  15. Social media, i have such a love-hate relationship with social media, i love to hate it and it loves to embarrass me, i hate that you have to try your best to look good on social media these days, it’s almost an equal to your day to day lifestyle, if you don’t have a well balanced Instagram or a load of followers on twitter then who are you in society & its wrong.
  16. The pressure, the pressure of having nice clothes, money, a good job, enough friends, being happy, the everyday pressures of life, as somebody that likes to see everyone happy, i do enjoy the pressure of ensuring that my friends and family are happy but nobody likes pressure.
  17. Adverts, On youtube videos, Web sites, Facebook, Tv. You can’t get away from them, everywhere you go there are adverts and my god do they irritate me, they’re always so corny and cheesy and i never buy anything or play the games, a world without adverts and corporate greed is a world for me.
  18. The News, i really really hate the news because 9 times out of 10 it is negative and in a world with 7.442 billion people in the world I’m sure that there is more than just the odd positive thing happening and i don’t watch the news often because of this reason, the same with reading newspapers, in a world full of fighting, war and hatred surely promoting positivity and happiness would be better rather than publicising the bad?
  19. Last but not least people… Cliche i know but i actually just hate people, people cause  problems, people judge, people fight, people lie, it’s all people, were such a messed up species and it doesn’t need to be this way, i hate people

Once again, thank you ever so much for reading it is highly appreciated & long may it continue.

Ethan X

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2 thoughts on “Things I hate (I probably do some of these too) #8

  1. Well, I tend to listen to musicals everyday and love contemporary christian music as well and tend to stick to those. I already do not like genres like heavy metal, rap, and hip-hop.

    While I mainly have two favorite types of music, I like other kinds of music, just doesn’t show as much. If you think it, the musical theatre world is filled with so many melodies and emotions and what the songs are about.

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