Things I Love. (So that i don’t seem like such a negative human) #9

So, I was told to write this blog by my uncle. Probably because 19 things i hate is quite negative so i might as well bring a ray of sunshine to my page. (plus i have no posts scheduled so, the grind to get ahead begins again)

if you read my last blog, about 19 things i hate, then you will most certainly want to read this, its gonna be as big as breaking bad i promise *hope*, so yeah here is the polar opposite of my last blog.

Again this blog is obviously my opinion and not the opinion of everyone, if you disagree with any, feel free to comment on facebook or twitter etc.

  1. Frankie Boyle, I put this as number one because it was the first thing that popped into my head as my grandparents went to the market today and brought me Frankie Boyle’s autobiography, but i literally just love him, his jokes are so close to the bone but he says them with such a straight face, love him. i have spent many late nights watching him on Netflix.
  2. Youtube, Youtube these days is equally as useful as Google, but definitely more fun, there isn’t anything that you cant find on youtube, from music to shit vlogs that i probably shouldn’t watch at nineteen but i still do & i don’t care either.
  3. Family, This probably should have been number one, but hey ho it isn’t but I’m sure they will survive, if you have read my blogs, you will probably realise that i have a lot of love for my family, being a pretty small family its nice, everyone has everyones back and its always so nice to see everyone, because it’s not all the time, Grandma, Grandad, Mum, Alarna, Boyde, Aunty April, Uncle Kev, Dan, Hannah, Lol, Mark & Karren.. and a few others but on my grandmas side but they live far away and we don’t see them alot, only on really special occasions, thank you for being the best family ever. (i beg i didn’t miss anybody as i will be hated forever).
  4. Coffee, Man i love coffee, it’s so great, it comes in all shapes and sizes, colours and temperatures and i love them all. god bless coffee
  5. Tattoo’s, as you can probably tell from my tattoo blog that i have a good few tattoos already, but i love them so much, they make me personally feel a lot more confident and they’re just cool.
  6. Cooking, And i don’t just mean BLT’s at home, i love everything, literally boiling an egg is enough to make me happy, never mind working in a kitchen, surrounded by people with the same love.
  7. Shoes, Now i know everyone loves a good pair of shoes but i think i may have taken this obsession a little too far, on the daily i can never decide what shoes to wear so i just end up wearing the same pair every day, however i have recently got a new pair of hightop vans and i love wearing them at the moment.
  8. Walking, i love just taking long walks, with my headphones in, listening to my next love, walking through fields, up hills etc, and i don’t do this as much as i wish i did, one because its good for you and two it clears your head so much.
  9. Music, the same with coffee music comes in so many different shapes and sizes, i love all types of music from oasis to Skepta and Chris brown to little mix, i listen to it all, my current favorite song is my jam, please listen to the song while you carry on reading my blog, however you could watch the video because it is pretty weird. music is such a release from the outside world for me.
  10. Blogging, even though i have only just started this blogging business i really do enjoy it, i spend my days thinking about what I’m going to write next and what, cheesy witty comments i can get into it.
  11. Scrambled egg, My Mum and Grandparents will vouch for me on this, i could literally eat scrambled egg on toast, three meals a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, i promise you i could never ever get sick of scrambled egg, it really is God food.
  12. Orange juice, Orange cordial, Fresh orange, any form of juice that is orange, to be honest, including Rubicon mango, that is what is very close to my laptop and the more tired i get the likelihood of me knocking it off is high, but yeah orange, i don’t really like blackcurrant so orange is my go too.
  13. Travelling, in a few of my previous blogs i have spoken about some of my travelling experiences, i also went to Spain in April/May which was amazing, finding the salt lake and a day of Spanish foraging and a lot of beer but yeah.
  14. Social media, Whether its the countless memes i share on facebook, or the endless amounts of similar photos of Instagram or the slightly upper-class tweets on twitter, i cannot stay away from social media, every moment i get, I’m scrolling.
  15. Apple. No not the juice, the tech, i love my MacBook Air, my iPhone and my iPad, they are all constantly by my side, how else would i be able to write these blogs or check feedback? i do everything on my mac especially, from writing recipes and blogs to research and development.
  16. The sesh, i mean there isn’t many 19-year-olds from stoke that don’t love the sesh so I don’t really need to go into much detail.
  17. Train journeys, i’d take a train journey over a car journey any day of the week, its so simple, you get on you sit down and you do something to kill time until you reach your destination, that normally being sleeping in my case, just like when i came home on new years day this year on the train, but fell asleep and woke up just as the train was leaving the station, the station i needed to get off at, where was the last stop, Stone? Stafford? No, Fricken London Euston, finally i arrived home 3 and a half hours later than i was supposed to, that is a day i will forget.
  18. Anywhere in the UK that isn’t stoke, I love most cities that i have been to for different reasons, like London, who doesn’t love London, Leeds is also pretty cool & and a good night out, Brighton & as much as i love to hate it, my time spent in the cities in Cumbria, might not have been the most fun but most certainly where beautiful.
  19. Finally, Last but not least, My Friends, Whether it be friends i see often or friends that i mainly keep in touch with over social media, i wouldn’t be the person i am today without most of my friends.

Thank you once again for reading, feel free to message me, comment or whatever I’m a pretty approachable person i hope.

All reads and views on my page are so highly appreciated, I’ve only been blogging 2 weeks and I’m so close to 1000 reads already which is insane.

Ethan X

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