Social media, The Peaks & Troughs. #10

It’s me again, typing away in the early hours of the morning, in the pitch black, making enough spelling mistakes you’d think i was typing with my eyes closed, god bless autocorrect. I merely touched on my thoughts of social media in my last blog, but i thought that i would extend my thoughts of social media, the peaks and troughs of the daily social grind.

I’ll start with everyone’s favourite place to hate, Facebook. I mean i only use Facebook for sharing memes, i tend to ignore pretty much everything else on there and then people ask if saw there comment like three days later and i realise that i have just completely ignored the fact that somebody tagged me in something and just laughed at the post and carried on with my day. Facebook is a weird one, people seem to think its there so that you can write your daily autobiography on there but I’m sorry i don’t care that you missed the bus 18 Hours ago or a really shit, unfunny post about something your niece said. In my eyes, people should go on there and share funny memes and the world would be a better place, nothing but memes. It gets me how people have like every last bit of information on there like the moment they were born, where exactly they work, all their previous jobs and how many times they pee a day. Like just leave it out. i suppose the upside to Facebook is all the memories from years and years ago of times with family and friends are always there to be viewed and all the times you posted “x for a rate” well in my case anyway.

Twitter, oh twitter how you did ruin my attention span at school, thank you so much for that, I’m so glad I’ve now done 40.1k tweets and have 11.5k followers, I’m so glad i spent my days retweeting an favoriting posts when i could have been learning algebra and writing shit essays, but oh well, at least now i have an active timeline for when I’m bored. i do love twitter because everyone is freer to speak on there because older family members and weird friends of your parents or work colleagues don’t follow you on there as much and oh do people let their hair down, ranting and raving, swearing and all the lark, i really do love it, i love that everyone is themselves, and post extra funny stuff. its good stuff on there, it’s probably my favourite.

Instagram, Instagram is literally the best app ever to be created, from seeing peoples artwork, to perfect photos, food and half-naked human beings, i really do need Instagram on the daily, i feel like without Instagram i would be lost, i really do love insta, i literally could scroll and scroll through Instagram day in day out, well i do but, it’s so helpful too, you really can tell a story through a photo, share me memories or just stare at cute girls all day, i like to use it to share my blogs, using the featured image from my blog as the Instagram posts because it gets people to read the caption, which then hopefully gets them to click the link to my blog an hopefully one day ill be famous. Love you Instagram xo

Snapchat, I use snapchat as if its imessage i swear, everyone i speak to on snapchat i literally have their mobile number i just find it funnier to send me pals ugly photos of myself with a filter funnier than sending a text but i hate that i forget the conversation that I’m having and I’m too lazy to save the conversation, an obviously you cant save snapchats, the only thing i really hate about snapchat is long ass stories like yeah i get it you’re on the sesh or you’re on holiday,  get that your life is better than mine but i don’t need a 25 minute update of your life in 10 second videos, please leave me out.

That is pretty much all of the social media i use, i don’t really use Tumblr or Pinterest, however much i would love to i just spend so much time on insta so i cant.

Thank you once again like always for reading my blog, its forever appreciated i promise and long may it continue.

Ethan X

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