Quotes & Things I live by. #11

By the time that this blog goes live this will be my eleventh blog which is insane considering i only started blogging 14 days prior to writing this blog and considering when i wrote the first i really did thing that would be the last, i never realised how much i would actually love this blogging thing, it feels like such a release, for somebody that cant really keep their mouth shut i am not surprised that i enjoy it so much because i really do write them as if i am talking, i really need to look into whether i can get Siri to write these and I’ll just speak..

So here goes, number 11 (my birthing day) writing a blog while listening to music is so much easier by the way because it stops you listening to your mind and you write from the heart, however, i have in previous blogs started to write the song lyrics, oops.

Today’s blog i thought i would talk about myself again as that is something i excel in and feel comfortable doing, I’m just going to go through a few quotes i enjoy living my life along and reasons why i am the way i am etc, Bon Appetit.

The first quote, most certainly has to be “be yourself because everyone else is taken” and oh my god this really does go with the ethos that i like to live my life along, people really have to be yourself, because pretending to be somebody else is not going to get you anywhere in life, it’s not a true reflection of yourself when you try to be another person, it’s not natural, it won’t, in the long run make you happy, trust me, as somebody that is very expressive and extra i tried for so long to suppress it, but i finally gave in and i am now just myself, all day every day.

Next is a quote that i only saw on the day of writing this blog, Alfie Deyes the youtuber tweeted it but i absolutely love it, in some ways, it links in with the quote above “Believe in yourself, If someone else can do it, so can you! It’s. that. simple.” and for me its so true, you really have to believe in who you are and what you can do because other people will believe in you no matter what, family, friends etc, if it makes you happy then it will make your family happy.

My next favorite quote is from possibly one of the greatest people to walk the earth, Tony Robbins, (quick backstory) it was like one in the morning, my favourite time to go on Netflix and see what there is to watch and in my recommended films in the midst of Frankie Boyle and jack white hall was this “i am not your guru” i never really knew much about a guru, and nothing at all about tony, so i read the film info and i instantly had to watch it, Tony is a guru that travels to 12 countries a year, seeing over 200,000 people annually. Once a year in the U.S., Tony conducts a seminar called Date With Destiny This is a 6-day live training seminar and each day typically runs over 12 hours. This program guides you to take a look at the force that controls every thought, every feeling, and every emotion of your life. The beliefs, values, and rules that literally control the way you think, feel and behave.In this post, we’re sharing some empowering quotes and sayings from this documentary and it really is amazing, i watched it in complete admiration, everything this man says is so so tactful and inspiring and one of the quotes he uses is “Our entire life changes in a moment” and its so true, people, including myself, spend so much time worrying about the here and now, yet in a second your life can completely change, so why do we worry about now when now has no relevance to tomorrow? it the future that matters.

Not so much a quote but a way that i live my life, day in day out, we all encounter problems, but i am somebody that bottles things up, sometimes it does me good because from the outside I’m such a strong helpful person, willing to help anybody but on the inside I’m breaking, but then sometimes when things get on top of me, i blow and i make rash decisions and do stupid stuff, but i always think like why fill my every day with worry, in a world full of worry? i would rather keep it in than worry family and friends if you get what i mean?

Finally, Post Malone once said on a youtube video i was watching of him “you just got to go with the flow because life is just all about how you feel” and love that because you really do have to in some ways of life go with the flow, somethings are inevitable, they are going to happen and you will not stop it. You just got to ride with life.

Once again as all, thank you so much for reading and all of the love and support my blogs get, love you all ox xo

Ethan X

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