Moving away, Mind over matter. #12

Here we go another blog that is going to take me about 3 hours to write and edit, correct spelling mistakes (ps 2 of those 3 hours is looking for images on google to have as my featured photo) but here goes.

Today’s blog is my thoughts on moving away, I’ve seen a lot of blogs about “uni essentials” etc and because i haven’t been to uni i wouldn’t know what you would need to move to uni but i did move to staff accommodation when i worked in Cumbria so here are my thoughts on what you need when moving away.

For me it was very much being mentally prepared to move away rather than the physical, being prepared to have to do your own washing and hoovering and getting yourself up for work and your days off not just waiting for mum to cook tea, obviously the materialistic things you need are obvious, bedding, bedside table, storage for clothes and your other stuff, oh and loads of socks.

but for me once i got to my new house i realised that half the stuff i took with me i never needed, i took WAY to much and ended up sending 75% of it back home, but hey i was never to know. Being prepared to have to go shopping twice a week for stuff and buying toilet roll and towels and stuff i was not prepared for i suppose i was so used to it all being there, as if it just appeared like magic and I’m not stupid i know I’m supposed to get these things i just wasn’t ready. So my first trip to TK Max was a hefty one.

But all materials aside being mentally prepared to live away from my close-knit family was a big thing, many of nights i would have to take a walk or call my mum because i just wasn’t ready for those home comforts to be missing, i was homesick like hell at times, as a 19-year-old i also missed my friends and socialising, as much as i like coffee and watching match of the day alone in a cafe with a full English, i love going out with my friends. Obviously, i made friends while i was there, but it’s just not the same. I think to move away from home you really have to be ready to fend for yourself, to buy your food and to live, i found doing things to keep my mind off my family and friends was best, Reading, Walking & Surprisingly if you know me i even started running. i think taking a step back from the normality of living at home was good for me it really did a lot for my confidence and independence, I’ll do absolutely anything alone these days.

But I’m home again now, having my toilette roll brought for me and living the happy life.

A really short blog from me there makes a change from my usual 2000 worders, thankyou as always for reading & please come back tomorrow for another.

Ethan X

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