What i spend my empty hours doing #13

Why do i always begin to write my blogs when i surely should be going to sleep, i need to be up at 9:00 yet here i am, starting to write a blog at 11:45, please when can i have a good sleeping pattern and a full night sleep?

I thought i would try and write another short, snappy blog rather than a long heartfelt blog, so instead, i thought I’d drop a blog about stuff that i enjoy getting up to when i get a moment away from scrolling through social media or daydreaming.

With social media taking up a vast amount of my spare time, i don’t have a lot more spare time to use, however when i arent scrolling through twitter i do tend to do other things.

One thing i tend to do is watch a lot of youtube, like vlogs, how to videos etc, i also love football videos and i don’t know how but i really can spend hours on hours watching football compilations, no matter how crap they can be, I like to, when in bed, or writing a blog listen to a podcast, more specifically The True Geordies podcasts on youtube.

I love to read also, but not like harry potter or that crap more along the lines of cookbooks or restaurant books, i love to cook and learn about cooking so i suppose this is fulfilling my knowledge of everything from the comfort of my own bed, or a train rather than the hot fluster of a kitchen.

Another of my favorite hobbies that have been thrown out of the window in these winter months we have fallen into now is foraging, i love walking wherever there are things growing, not only is it good for you, there is so much to find, from blackberries to yarrow, theirs a multitude of things to find if you do your research and it is so interesting because you can take your findings home and make things, vinegar, oils & stocks, etc. Not one for everyone though.

I don’t really get up to a lot more other than normal stuff that i won’t bore people with like watching football and going to work, but i suppose that you just have to get on with what you enjoy and do that as much as you like.

A Really short one today but i had only wrote half and i finished it today but I’ve had a long day in the garden, cutting trees down, but thank you as ever for reading whether short or long, i really do appreciate it.

Ethan X

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