18 Things i want to do in 2018 #14

Here goes number 14 & with another 6 to write, i feel like i am going to be typing forever and ever, but after these i will be 7 days in advance and i won’t have to write one or two for a few days, however while writing this i am actually quite hungry because i haven’t had any tea yet and it is 7:00pm and i am very hungry so a trip to Lidl to check out the last in stock section to see what i can get on the super cheap, being stingy as ever unless it comes to clothes or trainers.

I know it is a bit early yet to be thinking about what to be doing in 2018 but with November and December being busy months i know that i won’t get a vast amount done so i know what i will be doing next year hopefully, so here goes.

1. Move to Brighton.

Ever since going to Brighton earlier on in the year i have ever since wanted to move to Brighton, for the glitz and the glamour and the smell of the sea, i love Brighton there is so much to do, so much inspiration of things to do and learn and oh it’s beautiful too.

2. Go on holiday 3 times.

After visiting Copenhagen and Spain this year has really given me the urge to go abroad more, i would love to go to Russia, Japan & maybe Australia, but this would be an expensive year if i did but they are the three most interesting places that i would like to go to. So i will try my best to go to all three.

3. Pass my driving test.

I think, considering i am turning 20 in March, now might be the best time to pass my test so, i need a kick up the ass and to get at it.

4. buy a camera.

I have wanted a decent camera for taking my own photos for blogs and Instagrams etc but i have never really got around to getting one, i may make 2018 the year of camera buying.

5. Open a business.

I really want a little coffee shop, that sells good coffee and fresh scones, clotted cream and homemade jam or a bacon butty, a little money maker, nothing massive or over the top, just something i can call mine, somewhere to make a start and a bit of money.

One moment I’m just going to make coffee…

I’m back bitchessssssss…

6. Buy a shed.

Buying a man shed is something that i have wanted to do all year but just never gotten around to doing but i swear, 2018 will be the year of the shed (or kitchen) if i move away, but just somewhere for my evergrowing collection of Kilner jars and ferments.

7. Go to a music concert.

I really want to have a music kind of year in 2018, i want to see as much live music as i possibly can, whether it be festivals or just the odd concert.

8. See Anthony Joshua.

Following on from the going to festival and concerts i would also like to see Anthony Joshua fight, Ever since AJ burst onto the boxing scene properly after a scrap with Dillian white and then a real fight with Klitschko i have wanted to see Joshua, i love him not only for his boxing but his attitude and humbleness.

9. Learn.

As somebody that is a sponge when it comes to learning, i want to learn a lot more in 2018, visit more art galleries, go on guided walks, go to museums & just learn, constantly buy books to learn more and more, i really want to learn more about alcohol and how to mix and create more ideas.

10. Get fit/Commit to the gym

2017 really hasn’t been my year for losing weight, if so I’ve actually put on more than I’ve lost and I’m not happy about it, id really like to become a more regular member at the gym and go morning running more often, it clears my mind, i can listen to music and it gets me fit, three things i need.

11. Win the Lottery, joking joking, Get into Creative Writing.

Ever since i have been writing these blogs i have realised how much i actually enjoy writing and expressing my feelings and i would love to do a course in creative or expressive writing, maybe i should check online if there are any open uni courses i could try and do.

12. Have better self-control.

Whenever I’m bored, I eat, this is probably the reason I’ve put on weight this year, i want to be able to stop myself from doing this, or just doing things to prevent it, eat more fruit, drink more smoothies etc.

13. Build something.

I’m not the handiest person there is, especially when it comes to using power tools, measuring tapes and my brain, id love to build a table or a cupboard, or something, for my own enjoyment, take my time on it, really think about it, use it as something therapeutic.

14. Go on more dates.

I love going on dates and meeting new people, not necessarily romantic but just find people to do things with, but yeah going on dates and finding a girlfriend would be nice, but not just dinner dates, visiting cool places and looking and plants and trees and climbing and painting.

15. Get more tattoos.

I’m very close now to both of my arms being full of tattoos, with my sleeve on my right arm to be finished in December and the remainder of space on my left arm to be filled with tattoos drawn by my siblings and a few small tattoos that i would like to get, i would quite like to get the two foot tattoos and an ankle tattoo done next, because my mum is really against me getting my hand done, so i better leave that a few years.

16. Open up more.

As somebody who keeps everything in and then has a massive outburst, i really need to open up to people more, i really need to let people in and to help me, I’m just way to laid back to worry about things as they happen, i really need to start talking about things and stop worrying about the past, the future is where the fun shit happens, i need to think more about whats gonna happen then and tell more people about things that upset me more, it will help i know it will.

17. Rewrite my person recipe collection.

I really want to get an a4 sized book or a cute clip folder and rewrite my three personal recipe books i have, because the three i have are just too much that i get put off from carrying them around and then miss out on things when i want to write them in. To be honest, i haven’t been through them in a while and every time i do i chop and change and think of ways to lay them out better, i really need to start doing this in 2018.

18. Trial my tasting menu & cocktail menu.

So i have spent the most of this year, writing and perfecting my own menu, something that i wrote for my own, over creative mind & i would love to test both menus out, it will cost a lot to do but hopefully it will be worth it and it will help in the long term, who knows, maybe i could do this in my man shed when i finally get it. This would be so great as it would probably reignite my passion for cooking again.

There are 18 things i want to do in 2018, there are many many more but i suppose they will just happen through the year and i will write a blog about them, when writing about everytime i tick something off this list.

Thank you as ever for reading, another big one today, it’s been a few days since i wrote a long blog so i feel it was overdue, i hope you enjoyed reading this and hope you look forward to the next 6 i am going to write today, stay humble.

Ethan X

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