In a world when if something is broken, you throw it away and buy another. #15

Back once again, it’s me, scheduling posts because typing every day is a third world problem that i really cannot deal with right now. As always, coffee one side and the dog the other, music blasting in my headphones i begin once again on writing another blog, today’s will probably be a pretty short one as it is another quote sort of blog as my last one went down pretty well.

Living with my grandparents has made me realise so much that we live in a world when if something is broken, you throw it away and buy another, wherein their day if something was broken you would fix it, not necessarily just material things, but also friendships and relationships.

Starting with material things, in the past few years i have realised that if something is broken or ripped etc we will just throw things away, if a pair of trousers rip, we won’t sow them up, or even attempt to fix them we will just throw them away and buy another pair, because money has such a lesser meaning these days, back in the olden days, money was tighter, you had a lot less money to get you through the cold months so you would sow an old pair of trousers up, or you would repair a table because you couldn’t afford to just throw them out and get another.

But that’s not my real problem, that is just the times changing and money becoming easier to come by and everyone wants the best of everything.

My real problem is when if something like a friendship or a relationship is breaking down or broken, people will just forget about it and find somebody else, it’s like people have become replaceable objects, feelings are something that is rarely thought about these days and people let the past affect there image of the future, instead of fixing a problem, they make it more of a problem and hinder the future, i feel that in a world where times are changing and hatred is growing, rekindling friendships should be up there with the best of peoples motivations, because nothing is better than having a good friendship, a shoulder to cry on, motivation, laughs and happiness, you shouldn’t just throw away peoples feelings like they’re a biodegradable object, people should spend more time worrying about making friends and rebuilding bridges rather than trying to catch out your friends or family, blood is thicker than water.

Some peoples friendships are irreplaceable, everyone has something to offer and everyone is different, so next time you feel like you’re loosing or have lost somebody, try and rebuild the bridge rather than finishing it off with a fatal blow.

A very short one today but a very important message, nothing beats friends and family.

Thank you as always for reading, plenty more where this comes from.

Ethan X

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One thought on “In a world when if something is broken, you throw it away and buy another. #15

  1. This is so true. You can’t just replace everything. And when you experience to be replaced yourself or just pushed away it breaks your heart. You loose so much.


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