A list of thankyou’s #16

Yes, beginning to write this blog at 00:45, while listening to R. Kelly, is the second best thing to have happened to me this week i promise, i just really want to get ahead with my scheduled blogs so that i don’t have to worry about writing them all the time because i have no drafts or scheduled, sorry about it if you think they’re too often, i don’t, i love it.

This is the remix to ignition, Hot and fresh out the kitchen, Mama rollin’ that body, Got every man in here wishin’.. focus ethan focus.

I just wanted to write a really quick blog of thankyous and a few reasons why i want to say thank you to a few people, please please if i miss anybody off please do not be mad at me its nothing personal, if i wrote a thank you to everyone i would be sitting here until next Christmas, i am so so thankful to all my friends, family and people i have met on my crazy journey of life, Thankyou all for helping me learn & grow. Thank you is definitely a word that is not used enough, so here is me saying it about 40 times so don’t say I don’t use my manners.

First of all My mum, i wrote a whole blog about how flipping amazing my mum and oh how i meant every single word i wrote in there and i could write a million more, thank you mum for being not only the best mum in the world but the best parent ever, you filled a void in my heart with much more love, support and affection that anybody could ever ask for, you are the single best person i have ever met and if i am half the person you are when I’m older ill be happy, you are the rock on which my whole life has depended on, you are the most perfect mum i could ask for, not only thank you, but i love you x

Second and Third thankyou, goes to my grandparents, you two are the souls that created the soul of my life, the two most giving, helpful, understanding people ever, the two greatest people willing to help any of the family through the hard times and always there smiling through the good times, i could never ask for better grandparents, you let me live in your house an eat all your eggs, and in return i still get all the love and help that grandparents could give, thank you so so much for being the best grandparents, i couldn’t ask for two better grandparents, once again not only thank you but i love you.

Fourth and Fifth, however few and far between the moments in which i spend with my aunty April and uncle Kev, the times always feel as equally special as the time before, even though i don’t see you often you are both still amazing, cool and funny, completely understanding and even though i don’t often come to you for advice i know that you’d always be there if i needed it and a kick back down to earth if i needed one too, thank you so much.

Fifth being a big one, thank you to anybody in my family that i haven’t mentioned and it’s not that you aren’t special enough to get a personal paragraph it’s just i would be writing paragraphs for everyone, thank you all for being the best family i could ever need and i love you all dearly, plus i know i’m everyone’s favorite anyway so its cool. thank you all so so much, family love and support is what i live for and i get more than anybody could ever need.

Sixth thank you to everyone i met working at l’enclume, a lot of you taught me a lot of invaluable stuff in life that i will take away with me for the rest of my life, special mention for Andy and Scottish Simon though, two of the best people i have ever met and two people i wish to stay in contact with for a long time.

Seventh, i would like to thank the rest of my friends, thank you all for being amazing friends and always supporting me through the tough times, you all know who you are but it would take me so long to mention you all, special shout out to Josh Snow for a fresh fade, i really couldn’t ask for a better friendship circle, i wouldn’t be the person i am today  if it wasn’t for the support of my friends.

Eighth, thank you, Jake Lowndes, i wouldn’t be the chef i am today if i hadn’t met you and listened to your wise advice, thank you for always telling me how it is, and not letting me go too far off the rails, thank you for telling me to chase my dreams but stay with my feet on earth.

Once again, thank you to anybody that i haven’t mentioned, i couldn’t go through and mention everyone as it would take me years and years to complete. If you know me, you know i will appreciate you in your own special way and if you are really offended, message me and i will give you your own private thank you. If i feel like i really did miss you out ill edit you into the blog

Thank you so much for reading and see you tomorrow

Ethan X

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