Bad Habits #17

November already, what a crazy fast year 2017 has been, along we all hope that 2018 is better and the sun shines more and theirs no fucking terror attacks, but in a world of such negativity i feel like we really need to stay positive and fight the bad with the good, promote whats right in the world & fight against the wrong, i don’t have a lot more to say about that so i will get on with today’s blog.

Peoples and my own, bad habits, now some people may not see them as bad habits as such as just things that they do but to me they’re bad and it’s my blog so i can say what i want.

First of all eating late at night, now this really is one of my worst bad habits, i find that working as a chef you always want to eat after work but considering in most cases an early night is 12, its not normally the best of times to start eating, but i am so bad for it, it is one of the things that i want to stop in 2018, hopefully.

No manners or appreciation to other people, these people can be so rude and not even say thank you or appreciate what you have done, like i feel if somebody goes out of there way to do something for you, as small as opening the door and holding it while you walk through have the decency to thank somebody, i feel appreciation and manners go hand in hand, if you appreciate what somebody has done to or for you, you will use your manners and people that don’t are just rude.

Smoking, now i know smoking is an addiction but it is a bad habit, it stinks, it brakes up conversations and last but not least it will kill you, as somebody that doesn’t smoke it’s easy for me to say oh it’s so bad that people smoke but all arguments weighed up, it’s not a good habit is it? so therefore to me, it’s a bad habit, nothing annoys me more than when you walk through a crowd of smokers and it stinks.

Spitting, people that just spit when they are walking about, seriously what the shit on the earth is wrong with you, why don’t you just pull your cock out and start taking a piss on the floor, its disgusting, its horrible to watch and it doesn’t make sense, the world is polluted enough we don’t need your dirty mouth germs on it, what if a baby drops their dummy right in your dirty slobber? don’t do it, it’s grim.

Wankers who think that they are always right, like seriously, nobody knows everything but i have met many dickheads that will lead you to believe that they are always right no matter what argument you put in front of them and it really rubs me up the wrong way as somebody that is willing to learn from everyone, nobody knows everything and is never always right but we can all help each other out with what we do know right?

People not willing to pull their weight, whether it be at work or to do with everyday society, everyone needs to work together at work and in everyday life, why so many people are against each other really boggles me because in a world where we all want happiness we all need to work together and being selfish and only doing things to benefit yourself really doesn’t help.

Lads who are always walking around with there hands constantly down their pants, like really what are you doing because its weird and i for sure know that you don’t have hand sanitizer in your fake Gucci manbag, its not like the longer your hands are down there your willy is actually gonna grow, theirs no surprise its always going to be that small mate, now put your hands in your pockets, because that’s why they’re there, not in your pants, that’s just a pocket for your little nob.

Accidental ignorance, now this is really a very bad habit of mine to, i am so bad for just reading peoples messages and just not replying, i am so bad for it, ill literally have nobody to talk to and will still ignore peoples messages like I’ve got 10000’s of people to talk to, it really annoys people, my mum hates that i do it. i cant help it i am sorry.

drugs, now i know that drugs again is something that people get addicted to but they aren’t the best, cocaine is supposed to be a classy drug but at some point it will have been up somebody’s ass or in their shit, so enjoy putting it up your nose, but weed is the main thing i hate because 99% of people smoke it just to get friends and put photos on snapchat, like its dirty, it’s worse than fags, why can’t we all just be normal and drink coffee and listen to Post Malone?

that is all for now, feel free to comment your bad habbits and i may put them in.

Thankyou, as ever for reading, see you tomorrow

Ethan X

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