Think about it. #18 (guest writer)

So I’ve recently been reading blogs and looking out for bloggers in my local area, i found two that i really really like to read, i contacted both of them on facebook to see if they would like to write a blog for my page, they both said yes, of which made me happy, here is the first, one with a lot of thought gone into it. it made me think so i hope it makes you think too, so here goes, i hope you enjoy it;

hi guys! Ethan asked me to be a guest writer and I’ve thought about so many different topics that I could write about, but came to the conclusion that unless I write something that really makes me passionate it will never be good so my topic is 6 of my thoughts and feelings and my own little things I like to do for people when I see they’re homeless. This is such a close topic to my heart and I feel like it needs to be addressed more.

1. My BIGGEST hate is people’s perceptions on the homeless. Just because someone lives on the street does not automatically give you the right to assume the reason is drugs. There are so many reasons someone can end up homeless; being kicked out of foster carers at 16, redundancy, loss of family members, gambling problems, unemployment. That does not mean that some haven’t lost their way because of drugs but please do not judge someone because of stereotypes.
2. They are still people. I always talk to people about homelessness because it’s such an interesting thing to find people opinions on. They are not animals, or below you just because you have a cosy house! They are a human who is, just like you, made in gods image. Whenever I see someone on the street I will automatically go up to them and ask to pray with them. Some say no because they’re not religious but that barely ever happens, i then sit and talk to them for a little while. Human contact is so important, loneliness can drive you insane, and we all know that feeling lonely in a world full of people can do nothing but mess you up. So please if you see someone who’s on the streets just talk to them, you don’t know how much it will brighten their day.
3. Some people seem to have negative feelings when it comes to handing money over to those who are asking for it on the streets. I know this statement might cause some controversy but I’d rather be high or drunk and be able to fall asleep slightly warm, than be sat gathering, fighting, with my own thoughts. Until you’ve been there you don’t know what it’s like. It’s scary even walking places at night alone never mind sleeping in it day in day out.
4. If you don’t want to give money but want to do something, then ask them what they’d like from a store or a coffee shop. JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE HOMELESS DOES NOT ALL OF A SUDDEN MAKE THEM LIKE EVERYTHING. The line ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ really pisses me off. You may as well ask before wasting your money on something that’s just going to go to waste. They don’t have to like that tuna sandwich you bought from the coop just because you bought it. THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN!!!!!!! We all have our own personal preferences and no one is entitled to take away their voice just because they live on the streets.
5. Some homeless people do have nice clothes because people DONATE nice clothes and want them to be put to use. So again, please don’t ASSUME someone is just trying to do you out of a quid because they can, wouldn’t it make you feel better to know you were willing to help someone rather than be a Scrooge?
6. Some people have opinions on the homeless having dogs:):):)! Let me tell you one thing, I worked closely with Help the Homeless back in stoke ( I live in Manchester now) and all the dogs were well fed! Most of them were quite picky actually in what they ate. They’re still good dogs owners, it’s just a matter of not assuming and knowing before you comment and spread things that aren’t always true.
7. If you have any old clothes or shoes or sleeping bags please donate them to local charities, it’s so important that we all provide for each other because if we don’t look after each other who will? Even if it’s something as small as a rucksack someone could carry their things in it for meals. One of my friends uses a shopping trolley to carry around his sleeping bags and treasures.

I’m going to stop myself here as I just get into this big rant and I just feel like this is enough. I hope I’ve changed your opinion slightly on homelessness or at least made you think a little bit more. It’s always hard to change your initial opinions on people, I know that, but next time you see someone sitting looking worse for wear please just say a little prayer, we’re all gods children. I’ve attached a go fund me page for anyone who would like to donate to Help the homeless charity. It’s a volunteer based and they meet every night giving warm meals to the poor. It’s strictly donations that we use to buy the food so please even if it’s only small it could do so much. Thanks for reading and donating ( if you do)
Lots of love,
Jord Ridley xxx aka

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Once again guys thank you so much for reading, as always thank you for the love and support, even though this isn’t one of my own, i still appreciate any love given & i will pass all love on.

Ethan x

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One thought on “Think about it. #18 (guest writer)

  1. Thank you for this post, Ethan! I am happy that there are other bloggers out there writing about this important and often overlooked subject. Thanks for spreading awareness and providing an unbiased perspective on the homeless population it is sincerely appreciated!


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