A big ass fkin bucket list. #19

This really is going to be the most time-consuming blog i am going to write basically i am going to attempt to write 100 different things i want to do in life, experiences, places and things to eat, things i want to buy, things i want to see, people i want to meet, life goals etc, I’m going to try and make it as interesting as possible, please feel free to share this post as it going to take me so fricken long to write it and edit and find good enough images to use, i am probably gonna get help from other people on ideas, if i replicate PLEASE COMMENT and i will change it. Thank you and see you at the finish line.

1. Meet the queen.

2. Visit the white house.

3. To eat at the best restaurant in the world.

4. Open my own restaurant.

5. Be on tv.

6. Meet Post Malone. Because it’s Post Malone.

7. Reach 100 blog followers.

8. Eat cockroaches in thialand.

9. Buy a camera.

10. Buy a imac.

11. Buy shares.

12. Go to las vegas.

13. Get a yacht. 

14. See Frankie Boyle. 

15. Write a book. 

16. Meet Gordon Ramsay. A legend in the chef industry, the only man you need to meet.

17. Get married. 

18. Become more of a gym lad. Well not a gym lad but you know, go the gym.

19. Swear less. 

20. Be happier within Myself

21. Be a good parent. 

22. Help my mum more. 

23. Buy my own house. 

24. Drive on the Nurburgring. 

25. Buy a Rolex

26. Visit Christ the Redeemer.

27. Go to the champions league final.

28. Go to the world cup final.

29. Visit Wembley.

30. Become a public/social figure.

31. Go to the grand canyon.

32. Get a pug.

33. Have a decent sleeping pattern.

34. Reach 100 blogs.

35. Move to Brighton.

36. Buy a shed.

37. Have properties. (be a landlord)

38. See Anthony Joshua.

39. Get into Creative Writing.

40. Build something.

41. Get more tattoos.

42. Trial my tasting menu & cocktail menu.

43. Have a family.

44. Get a degree.

45. Have multiple businesses.

46. See the Mona Lisa.

47. Visit all 7 wonders of the world.

48. Watch a tv series. All the way through not just the first 3 episodes then give up.

49. Move to Australia.

50. Drink less.

51. Eat better.

52. Create a food blog page on my blog.

53. Visit every premier league stadium.

54. Do a triathlon.

55. Skydive.

56. Go to a date with destiny.

57. Swim with dolphins in Mauritius. 

58. Go to the Caribbean.

59. Go to a paint fight.

60. Bungee jump.

61. Get a proper hobby.

62. Go to alcatraz.

63. Visit the northern lights.

64. Chase a storm.

65. Scuba diving.

66. Go bald.

67. Move to the USA.

68. Finish a Rubix cube.

69. Read my emails.

70. Get a range rover.

71. Go to NYC at Christmas.

72. Visit so many galleries and museums and expos.

73. Get my teeth whitened.

74. Create a list of places i want to eat and go.

75. Go to the top of the Eifel tower.

76. Go foraging in summer, in different counties and countries.

77. Stomp grapes for wine.

78. Get 2 or 3 guest bloggers.

79. Buy a pair of Balenciaga trainers.

80. Go on a short treehouse trip. 

81. Go on holiday with a girlfriend.

82. Ride a gondola in Venice.

83. Go on big brother.

84. Go to the chiropractor one a year.

85. Go to a spar/retreat often.

86. Donate blood.

87. Become an organ donor.

88. Read a book a week.

89. Create something saleable (market object).

90. Eat a big ass fkin American meal.

91. Explore an abandoned place.

92. Bury a time capsule.

93. Change my mum’s life.

94. Speak my mind more.

95. Fall in love.

96. Depend less on others.

97. Become a secret shopper.

98. Actually get silver hair.

99. Have a sick Halloween party.

100. Pass my driving test.

Wow i finally did it, that took way-way longer than i expected, but i am so glad i am finished, if you have any ideas on things that most people want to do before they die and they aren’t on the list, comment or message me on any of my socials, I’m always active and checking so just hola my way.

Once again thank you to anybody for reading, especially if you read this far because i would definitely need a nap halfway through reading. Follow me and share my blogs i promise I’m a nice person.

Ethan X

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