The peaks and pitfalls of life. #20

blog number nineteen already, holy crap, this is insane, i never would have thought after writing the first that i would have gotten this far but here i am, writing number nineteen and going to write number twenty straight after this, the level of support i have had while writing these is mad, i can’t thank everyone enough for the support, i really do appreciate it and long may it continue.

As per usual i am going to write a genuine heartfelt blog, i hope that you don’t all think that i am always this heartfelt, I’m not i just want people to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that they aren’t the only person thinking these things, I’m going to try and always get a positive and impactful message across.

The peaks and pitfalls of life, i am going to try and keep the points equal, 4/5 of each but the bad always seems worse so that’s what we always remember.


Family, in my eyes family is one of the biggest peaks in life, nothing on this earth will make you happier than family i can guarantee that, family has the possibility to bring you up, even when you are so so low, family are always there for you and will always support you, even if they don’t agree or understand what you are doing they will always do there best with advice and helping you along the way, nobody will ever give more love than your family.

Money, Money is such a massive peak in life because as much as people want to say that money doesn’t bring happiness it really does, I’m sorry but i would rather cry in my mansion than my flat, its just how life works, money really does make you happy, money brings all types of happiness, growth and learning.

Work, As much as people see work as a chore, work brings money, work brings pride, work brings opportunities to meet new people, create new avenues in your life, work is where you will spend 90% of your life so you might as well keep it as a peak no?

Goals, Creating and completing life goals, will have such happy consequences, setting goals will bring such achievement whether it be building something, learning or bettering yourself, everyone can appreciate achievement.

Friends, For me friends are equally as important as family, with great friends around you life will have so many peaks, sometimes you need friends to talk about things that you wouldnt with you family, things that are abit closer to the knife or weird for your family, you will always have a friend their, Friends are good, plus they compliment you even if you look ugly so.


Rejection, Rejection man, what a bitch it can be, whether it be a parent, friend or just people in everyday life, rejection can make you feel so so little and worthless and as somebody that has delt with rejection from a young age right from the core i know it really is a pitfall to life.

Loss, Luckly while ive been old enough to realise my family has not had a loss of a family memeber and i am very very lucky with that but from what i see and the fact i have a heart, loss can hit somebody very hard, whether it be a family member, a friend or as silly as it sounds a pet, it really can mess with your mind.

Health, dealing with health issues can be hard, whether it be the fact you always feel bummed down with a cold or you have a serious health issue, it will affect your everyday, keeping fight, fighting off disease can be so hard

Failure, failing in everyday things like not eating as healthy as you want to eat or failing a maths test will hit you the same, everybody wants to do the best for themself, everybody wants to succeed but with success you must always be able to take failure and sometimes you will allow failure to ruin your day.

Feelings, Feeligns if good or bad are a pitfall to me because, if youre feeling the highs for so long the lows feel alot lot worse and as somebody that always likes to aim for the highs and ignore the lows they do build up and they do hit you hard, love, happiess, sadness, upset, are all things that will affect you eeveryday, week, month and year.

But if you want to take the peaks youve got to expect the pitfalls, youve got to beat them, youve got too see past them, work on them, focus on whats good and try to always  see the postitive in a bad situation, unless youre dead its not over, things can get better, youve just go to belive in yourself. its the place to start, trust me.

As alway thankyou all for reading, i hope that you take the postives from this and dont dwell on the negitives, stay happy and humble and hopefully oneday the world will be a happier place to live.

Ethan X

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