Where Have I Been?#21

Guess who’s back, back again, Shady’s back, tell a friend… or just share my blog post i don’t really mind, well er where have i been, why haven’t i blogged since November.

Well I’m sure all of my Facebook friends and instagram followers loved the break from me just constantly sharing my blog but I’m back but I’m probably not going to write so frequently.

so actually getting onto where I’ve actually been, er.. well i kinda my laptop broke and writing blogs on a phone is like the least amount of fun i have ever had so i thought id just allow blogging until my laptop was repaired, i waited and waited until after christmas because i thought it was gonna cost a bomb, turns out it cost me nothing because its still under warranty so i felt like a big massive tit.

i also got a girlfriend (leah), like a real girlfriend with arms and legs and like the funniest, sarcastic, funny, best most witty personality ever, oh yeah and she’s very very attractive, like, very attractive, but obvs she’s punching me, ill insert an image because you know, then you can all admire. Pictured on our cute little trip to liverpool just after new years as a kind of joint christmas present, but yeah conclusion, she’s great and she makes me happy bc i need to stop or ill just talk about her all day.IMG_2495

Oh yeah, i got my mum and girlfriend a kitten each too, which means i now get ZERO FRICKEN ATTENTION OFF EITHER OF THEM.

what else have i done, er, i got a new job, at a really cool healthy restaurant in Hanley. thats cool, I’m really enjoying that, making tacos n getting new opportunities, like the private chef situation i got myself in the other day.

so i cooked at a good friend of the restaurants house and wow what a house it was, very very nice. Like VERY nice. that was really really fun and i learnt a lot about myself and what i wanna do. (p.s thank you to leah once again)

To be honest i could ramble on all day but I’m tired and i wanna watch various videos of maya jama on youtube.

As always thanks for reading

Ethan X

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