Why I actually started blogging? #22

So why did 19 year old Ethan begin to blog? Does he even know himself? Fuck knows. To be honest I’d been into reading blogs for a long time, it’s more interesting than reading a book, plus I’m nosey as hell and people’s lives are really really interesting, I’d probably read about 70 blogs before I even decided to write a draft, never mind publishing it. But thankfully, I did & im glad I did to be honest, it’s a fun journey, plus it means I can speak to my laptop or phone screen rather than humans because well, speaking to humans is a thing of the past.There are many reasons I started blogging. Probably 75% of the reason I did is to get my mentality across to the world (or the 10 people) that read them, I really wanted to tell people my stories of life because personally I think I’m funny and have a lot to tell, my first 10 blogs went down a storm, reaching 1,000 reads in just 2 weeks which is absolutely crazy, I mean 990 of them where probably my mum because she prof reads them all but, every little helps haha. To be honest writing a blog for me is more exciting than anything I’ve ever done, it’s a way to release so many words from my mind, because it’s a crazy world up there believe me and for anybody that knows me they know that I like to speak ALOT, sometimes, hard to even shut me up & most of it is crap but, I’d rather write it in a blog than piss everyone off. But most of all, I blog because I love it and you should do shit you enjoy Once and forever, So much love to everyone that reads. See ya soon fuckers.Ethan X


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