Belated mothers day post. #23

Its march 12 and mothers day was yesterday but it was also my birthday so i didn’t really have time to write this yesterday as it was my day and i wanted waiting on hand and foot so. Ill write it today.

Its a mothers day post to by far the best fuckin mum in the whole of the world, i tell you, for anybody that knows having only one parent because the other is a prick its a big whole for one person to fill but my mum does it in the best way possible, she’s not only a mum, a dad & a great lasagna cooker, she’s also my best friend and when i say best friend i don’t mean somebody you met like three weeks ago, the type of best friend you’d take a bullet or six for.

My mum, honestly is the most selfless, most helpful person i could ever wish to grace my life, and i know everyone says there mum is the best but ill fight anybody to the death, because mine is. Ive honestly never met somebody that cares so much about her family and close friends as mum, a lady that would walk 1000 miles just to help her family walk five.

A true friend not just a mum, there through the good and the bad, and the god damn ugly stages of crying, a shoulder to cry on and a laugh to rely on, the person with honestly the most beautiful soul, SHIT I’m sat in a coffee shop and i just felt a tear drop from my eye, see this is how great she is.

Not only there for the bad but also there with some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen, a true reflection of the person i wish to be and the little people i wish to raise one day.

but mothers day isn’t all about my mum, but all mums around, god bless good mums man, they just know where its at.

Mum, Granma, Aunty April. Three huge influences on my life and also three wonderful mums

One day a year doesn’t do the mums in my family just, never mind the millions of others in the world, hug your mum, she’s your best.

In ed sheerans song supermarket flowers he sings about his granma and theres one line that really stands true with me

So I’ll sing Hallelujah You were an angel in the shape of my mum”  and it’s so true, mums are angles. especially mine

before i turn into a big crying mess I’m gonna sign off this blog post until another time fuckers


Ethan X


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