My 20 favourite songs at 20. #25

So 4 days ago i turned 20 and got my MacBook back from getting repaired, hence the flurry of blogs at the moment. haha. only laptop i have a list of blogs i want to write and one of them was my 20 favourite songs so it seems quite the time to do 20 songs at twenty, ill try my best to link each one to a youtube video and explain a little bit why i like it so if you think you will like it you can listen along, ill try and list them in order too with 20 being the least favourite and 1 being the greatest.

Comment your 20 favourite songs below.

20. Big Shaq – Mans not hot.

Bold statement i know to put this as my 20th favourite song but i love it purely for the movement it made.

19. Wretch 32 & Avelino – Fire in the booth.

Talk about 2 modern day fucking lyricists, legends, this fire in the booth with going down in history, from wretch linking Kanye’s lyrics without hardly anybody noticing and Avelino saying “i should buy my exes watches because time heals” this fire in the booth honestly is so insane.

18. Stormzy – Shutup.

Stormzy Shutup was the real start of Stormzy and now look at him, legend.

17. Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger.

A timeless song, this you will always look back on.

16. Talking Heads – Psycho killer.

If your mind can bypass the 1:00 intro of a drum beat, this song is one of them that will get stuck in your head all week… run run run run run awaaaaaaayyyyy.

15. Jay Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind.

What a song.

14. OutKast – Hey Ya.

This is one of my mum’s favourite songs and it really deserves to be on this list, such a dance starter.

13. Black Eyed Peas – Where is the love.

A social movement and a timeless song and nothing more need’s to be said.

12. JME – Man don’t care Ft. Giggs.

Jme is a serious person, more than a musician, he’s a vegan a fucking inspiration and a genius. Legend.

11. The Midnight Beast – UBERCVRRNT Ft. The Hell.

TMB were/are a comedy rap band, and all their songs are funny as hell but this one really stands out, i haven’t listened to them for ages but there tv show on channel 4 was so so funny.

10. Scroobius Pip – Introduction.

This song has 3.2m Views on youtube and i swear the 220,406 views are me, it’s insane, its kind of hypnotising and the video is weird as shit, he cuts his beard and hair then sets a toy horse on fire. watch and listen.

9. Stormzy – Big for your boots.

I love this song for many reasons, the fact is it’s a massively catchy one, plus i feel like it is the song where people really saw the movement stormzy was about to make.

8. Post Malone – I Fall Apart.

It’s Post Malone do i need to say anymore?

7. Jay Z, Kanye West – Otis Ft. Otis Redding.

I love this song simply because it is a true reflection of JayZ & Kanye West as artists.

6. Robbie Wiliams – Angels.

Simply this song reminds me of my mum every time i listen to it, plus its a bloody good song.

5. Ed Sheehan – Perfect.

I love this song for many reasons, the video is brilliant, ed is brilliant plus it is the very cliche “our song” for me and Leah.

4. George Ezra – Paradise.

First of all, i just bloody love George Ezra because he has such a unique voice, but this song is something else, i literally cannot stop listening to it.

3. Collabro – Sing Stars from Les Miserables.

I love this song, sung by anybody because its such a beautiful song to listen to and it gives me goosebumps overtime i listen to it, but for me, collabro just took it to another level when they sang it for there audition on Britain’s got talent.

2. Stormzy – Blinded by your grace PT.2 Ft. MNEK.

This song is number two because it has such the perfect balance of stormzy, with it being a rapper that is a renowned grime artist, singing gospel, i love it.

1.  Portugal. The man – Feel it still.

This song is number one for about 600 reasons, i just bloody love this song and i listen to it about 15 times a day, I’d have it on constant reply in my mind if i could. I listen to it that much it drives my girlfriend insane sometimes.

However, these are my 20 favourite songs i will do an update in a months time and see what’s changed.

Peace out.

Ethan X

Photo Credit; The man the myth the legend, James Lloyd.




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