What My Blog Needs. #27

A blog for myself, that you can read along, a blog that after writing, i get what i need and life is great, i just wanted to compile a smallish list of things the blog needs that i have noticed from reading countless other blogs, feel free to help and don’t worry about emailing or messaging me on Facebook, Instagram or either of my twitters, all of which are in my socials page.

A logo. I’ve been trying and trying to design my own logo but i just don’t have the knack at all, I’d love a logo that i could use all over the shop to promote my blog. If anybody reading this knows or is a Graphic Designer, Somebody good at art or just somebody with a knack for making things, please please drop me a message, email or anything.

A constant flow of guest writers. I love the thought of having an open blog where people can write either anonymously or not like a job just for fun, somebody that wants or feels they could write a blog but isn’t interested or doesn’t have the time to have a blog page. Again if this is you, feel free to drop me a message and we can talk about it.

An upload schedule. In my head i want to upload three blog posts a week, then any guest writers are a bonus to be fair, but to do this i need to get ahead with blogging and for anybody that knows, getting ahead takes some effort, especially when i don’t want to put out crap.

More of a socials following. I want to pay more attention to my social media, especially accounts linked to the blog, like the twitter but for that, I need the other things, a logo etc.

A Blog camera. I want to travel, i want to take good photos, i want a camera, not a really expensive one, just one to improve the level of my blog photos and Instagram photos. The time will come.

Once again Thankyou for reading.

Until next time,

Ethan X


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