The Five Year Plan. #28

I’m 20 now i and ive flirted with “The Five Year Plan” so i thought I’d write a blog about it, this isn’t just going to be a blog to read but also something that i can look back on and see if I’d achieved my 5-year plan.

For me, A five-year plan shouldn’t just be “i want to make this much money, go on this many holidays” it’s also about mentality, life achievement work achievements, I will try my best to keep this list down but, five years is a long time.

  1. Pass my bloody driving test. To be honest, I really need to pass my test, it’s getting silly now, I need to just knuckle down and get it over and done with, it will make my life a lot easier. This should be done this year though.
  2. Lose weight, But also stay fit. I’m currently trying to lose weight and get fit, going to the gym 4/5 times a week and eating better, avoiding eating crisps, chocolate and cakes & using other foods to starve my hunger. I.e Smoothies and fruit. This would be an ongoing plan as I’d like to stay fit and get a good body.
  3. Get and maintain a positive mindset. To have a positive mindset can help me in many ways, it will help me lose weight and achieve goals, not just that, it will make people around me happier. So in the long run, a good change. This is also an ongoing plan because it isn’t just going to change overnight.
  4. Get my own home. To secure my own home before I’m 25 and especially before having a child is a massive plan for me, I would love not only to have my own home but i would actually love to decorate it, In my head i know what i want it to look like so it would be lovely to do.
  5. Have a child. Now, this is a long one, this is definitely not until the end of the five years, but what happens happens. I love family and to have my own would be amazing, Family is the dream.
  6. Own my own Restaurant/Cafe/I cant tell you my secrets. It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own establishment and i would love to do it as soon as possible, working for yourself seems better than working for other people because a lot of other people don’t listen. I will eventually get around to writing a blog about what i want out of a restaurant. One day.
  7. To Expand this blog. My Blog is now finally beginning to take off, after writing nearly 30 blogs I’m glad, So to get to a point to finally monetize my blog will be amazing but also i really want to get a consistent flow of guest writers. I also want to change up my blog a bit, to do some reviews, product testing and favourites.
  8. Go on a Cruise. It’s been a dream of mine to go on a cruise, even if just a river cruise, i just love travelling and being on a cruise seems to make it a lot easier to do so, plus, i like the sea and boats.
  9. Finish my tattoo obsession. I am really close to getting my right sleeve finished and my left arm is nearly full, but that arm will go on forever, i really would like to get my leg and foot done and i feel that i will be satisfied for a while then.
  10. Hopefully Marry Leah so that we can actually have the children I want in the next five years, as she is the self proclaimed love of my life. Marriage is on the cards. (Ps she is the love of my life)

For now that is all that i can think about for a five year plan, especially of things that i am willing to share.

If you have anything different you’d put on your five year plan, leave a comment bellow.

As always Thankyou for reading.

Ethan X


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