The blog is changing. I REPEAT. THE BLOG IS CHANGING.

So I’m at nearly 30 blog posts now and I’m living the dream, but i have over the last couple of weeks been thinking of how i can shape up the blog, to make sure that i am putting my full effort into writing blog posts that i want to write.

So what’s going to change i hear you asking?

POSTS. First of all, I really want to get more into reviewing, i love visiting restaurants, cafe’s and hotels, so why not visit them and then write a review about them?  I have been in contact with multiple restaurants so far just to ensure that they are happy for me to publicly speak about them on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Also, product reviewing, i want to begin to write a week by week review of my graze box, what i liked what i didn’t like and what I’d buy more of. I also want to do “Monthly favourites”. The good, The bad & The God damn amazing, what I’m loving and what I’m not for the month.

PHOTO’S. I’m going to focus more on taking my own photos, ive been learning more about taking the perfect photo, learning angles, lighting, positioning. Using my own photos will save me a lot of time researching for photo’s or decided what photos best fit my blog.

ME. I’m changing, my mentality, my lifestyle, my ideas. A healthier me means a healthier blog a healthier life. I want to become more organised, fitter, healthier, happier and especially richer. A happier mind means a happier life.


Ethan X


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