The First of Many. #30

Well Well Well, the first of many is finally here, product reviews. I told you the blog was changing and it is. I’m gonna keep these reviews short and sweet. Living.

So on monday i got delivered my first Graze box, A Protein box to be precise. So what did i get i hear you ask?

First of all i got 2 £5 gift vouchers which was nice, well nice for my mum and girlfriend that is.


p.s that’s me trying to be arty, cool me.

The first thing i got was “Mississippi BBQ Pistachios” and my god i fricken love pistachios, i wanna be buried with pistachios, they’re a dream and these where no exception, slightly spicy, very smokey but you could still taste the pistachio flavour. They were actually lovely.


Second thing was “Pro Bean” a mix of Edamame, Chilli Broad Beans & Redskin Peanuts. The chilli broad beans where lovely, but the edamame and peanuts where dry as fuck, like, “i need a drink” dry the peel from the peanuts just got stuck in my neck and i didn’t like it, Also they could’ve been spicier.


Third thing was “Poppy Seed & Onion Bagel” This was really nice aswell, a strange onion flavour but nice, would have been lovely with some Philadelphia, but you cant get everything in life, however these were lovely.


Last and CERTAINLY NOT LEAST “Cocoa & Vanilla Protein Flapjack” honestly i could’ve had a whole box of these and considering they are vegan, they were bloody lovely, vegan cakes can sometimes be over nutty or seedy favour, but these were so nice, i could’ve ate all three but i saved one for my mum because I’m nice.


Until next time, thank you for reading.

Ethan X


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