Daddy Issues #31

As my slightly hungover girlfriend sleeps next to me on a train i thought it be ample time to write a blog, peace and quiet and the view from a train window to daydream too. I don’t really know what direction this blog is going to go in but I’m just going to ramble on for a bit and hope it makes some form of readable sense.

Daddy issues, a lot of people have them, a lot of people learn to live with them, I’ve learnt to Embrace them. Living your life with one parent isn’t so bad, Especially when you mum is so amazing, like mine. But we also have such a tight nit family i question why i ever even missed my dad in the first place. I won’t get into where he is or what he’s doing because i don’t know and frankly i don’t really care. But thats a good thing, because 2/3 years ago i wouldn’t have been saying that i assure you.

Such a change happens when you realise that the people around you are more important than the people that aren’t. The people you surround yourself with are what make you, the people that aren’t don’t break you. Blaming yourself doesn’t bring you to success believing in who and what you have does, I came to realise that blaming myself for something i never did was so stupid, I never did anything wrong, so why was i upset? i’ve got a wonderful family, a lovely girlfriend and amazing friends so who is one person? You only miss your last pot noodle for a few hours so why miss somebody that doesn’t care?

Appreciate those around you, I spent so long questioning why one person wasn’t around but not very long appreciating those who aren’t, Thank those around you, that love you, make you cups of tea and tell you when you’re being a silly dick, they will make you a better person, they will guide you.

Family, Family is a massive massive thing for me, I’ve always been told to respect my family and i do, i love and cherish my family more than i ever could, however strange/weird they can be and i can’t wait to bring more people into my wonderful family and make sure they never felt the way i felt.

Learning, i learnt only having one parent that it’s possible and you get more love, i learnt that when i have my own children one day, no matter the circumstances to love them unconditionally and cherish every moment spent with them, family is everything.

once again, thank you to everyone that reads my blogs, comments, likes, shares and feedback is always appreciated to the highest degree.

Love your family and those around you and embrace having one parent.

Stay cool and Peace out.

Ethan X



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