Quick Quotes #33

So I decided I’m going to start another little thing that i will struggle to keep up with because my uncle commented something on my recent blog post on facebook and it really proved a point to me because i have recently started the gym and trying to eat better so i thought it was quite just for my life at the moment & is something i want to share.

“The biggest problem we have nutritionally in the UK is healthy products are so much more expensive than junk food. If that continues then the majority of people will always follow the junk route. People need to learn how to be more creative with food.”

& its true, in life you look to get the cheaper option, especially in a rush, if you nip into Tesco you’re always going to pick up the cheaper chocolate than the more expensive option but that shouldn’t be the way. In a world of growing obesity. A cheap, healthy option should be available.


Ethan X


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