The importance of being You. #32

“Be yourself and nobody else” a quote that is batted pillow to post almost all of your childhood and pre-adolescent years, but how can you be yourself when you’re always told to be this way or do that this way, make sure you dress nicely, speak a specific way, behave in a politically correct way so how/why should you be yourself when the world is trying to form you into being somebody else?

and I’m not saying to follow in others footsteps, as those at greatness can lead others to great too, especially when people like Anthony Joshua are so humble and family orientated, yes follow in his mannerisms but don’t strive to be him, because the way of his life has shaped the person he is not you.

You shouldnt have to prove yourself to the world when the world is your oyster, being you makes for a better world, new ideas, new skills, new goals, all to gennerate a new world for the next generation, if everyone was what we’re told to be we would all be David Cameron look alikes with a degree and the mannerisms of ghandi but that doesnt shape for a wonderfull world, a peacefull one maybe but not the world that everyone wants to live in, being you mean’s being new, being the person you should be or want to be, creative, happy and refreshing, seeing people being somebody else is boring, its unnatural. I’m not saying everyone should be the next Banksy and go out and do loads of cool modern art because, like me, not everyone is that artistic nor witty and clever but just be you and have fun with it.

I just think that people strive too hard to be their role models and they really need a reality check because yes Kylie Jenner has a wonderful life, but she also has RICH AS HELL parents and a free ticket to the world and sadly Joe Blogs from somewhere doesn’t have the chances she has and that’s tough luck.

You just have to do you, because nobody can be you and you cant be anybody else.


Ethan X



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