Whenever I get a Frappuccino I get the skinny version but still add cream on top. All about balance right? #35

Balance? Does anybody’s life have the right amount of balance, i don’t think so somehow a balance of hard work and relaxation, spending money and saving money, working out and chilling out, spending time with loved ones and spending time alone. Finding the perfect balance is a real impossible balancing act it really is, 24 hours in a day is not enough, 365 days in one year to get everything done, it’s almost cliche to say you need one more day, one more day to do what? impress everyone else? impress the world but why? why spend so much of your life trying to do everything for everyone else?

its got to be a perfect balance, but once you find it, life can seem almost easy, when the stars align when you have a good job when your family is happy when you’re happy financially when you’re in a happy relationship. it really is about having your cake and eating it, the only problem is, you’ve got to bake that cake, out of ingredients you made yourself, only you can define you, only you can say yes, my life is finally balanced, my life is going in the right direction, I’m happy with it. But then when you’ve found that balance, MAINTAIN IT. stay fit, stay in that perfect relationship, keep your family happy, work hard, buy yourself things, all in one day.

Its so normal to say happy, finding the balance isn’t about being happy, it’s about living the life you want to live, nobody, even Kylie Jenner isn’t happy everyday and shes got everything, push out negativity, negative thoughts, negative people and just live, young wild and free. Be you be balanced.

As always thank you for reading.

Ethan X


Instagram Image Credit; @deannkasu


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