Motivation #36

From time to time motivation has been a real struggle for me, motivation to get fit, motivation to get the best job, motivation to be a nice person, motivation to write blogs, motivation to be me. As everyone will experience in life, staying motivated in a grey country is hard, staying happy with what way the world is turning, it’s hard you know.

Motivation comes with a strong mentality, staying positive and always looking up, the grass is always greener when you go the gym and don’t get out of breath going to the shop and back, for me getting fit in 2018 has become a massive thing, i started the gym (i was supposed to start with Leah but, she’s already hot, you know!) i try my best to go at least 6 times a week but sometimes life gets in the way and going the gym isn’t a reality. But getting fit before the end of the year is my goal, i don’t want to be this big massive gym lad, pumping twice my body weight and eating raw egg but i wanna be fit, like a toned stomach, nice arms etc. But its the eating healthy that is my biggest struggle, i just love food and i eat when I’m bored, i know i do it but i don’t know how to stop it, but i will and i will eat more vegetables and less chocolate one day. But for now, I’m working out and it’s more than i have been doing.

Motivation to get the best job. I recently lost my motivation massively, living in a deadbeat town with an abundance of deadbeat restaurants its so hard to main a constant level of motivation when there’s nothing to keep you motivated, without an aa rosette in sight, even the slightest “good food” definitely isn’t good, i got that unmotivated in myself that i started to even question whether being a chef was even for me, but it is, i think. I’m still motivated to have my own place one day but its a long road, and sometimes your tyres come off, You know?

Motivation to be a nice person, wow, oh how i struggle with this, i know its not just me, its like 99% of the teenage population but i just don’t like people, I’m not massively into group socialising and i just like my inner circle, but i don’t have a filter and it makes me look like a horrible person, but I’m not i just so hard to be nice to dickheads? right? i can be nice to my family, my girlfriend and my friends but outside of that, i just really don’t like many people, I’m respectful, for work colleagues and bosses but other than that, I’m right down the barrel of a gun.

Motivation to write blogs is a hard one, i don’t think its motivation as such, its more so ideas, in a world full of creative photographers, taking the best photos and visiting the best places and really doing blogging as a job more than a hobby like i do, its hard to be a small fish in a big pond. Some peoples blogs are really on the ball like i read some blogs and question whether Rohl Dahl is their mother, i really do and its hard, but the grind is real, they didn’t fall from the sky as a fully fledged blogger, they grafted like i did. (and used the right tags) but one day, ill be a top blogger, I hope? i never really thought about why i enjoy blogging but i don’t know i never really realised how much i enjoy writing and not worrying what people think, i suppose that’s a motivation to carry on.

And last but not least, motivation to be me? now this seems like a silly one i know but i think you do have to stay motivated to be yourself, its so easy to just fall off the track, sit on the fence, do what pleases people but that’s not being you, and its hard to be yourself, i get that more than people would imagine but also, how do you motivate yourself to do something you never even realised you weren’t doing? not easy i can tell you that.

Once again, Thankyou to everyone who reads, it’s highly appreciated.

Ethan X

Instagram photo credit @deannkansu


2 thoughts on “Motivation #36

  1. Just dropped on your blog Ethan, nice to hear a bit of honesty in life in a blog not just false positivity 😄 . Saw you at David’s Brasserie a while ago, love the food there. Dyou not think as highly of it? Where dyou think is the best restaurant in Staffordshire.


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