It’s been a while! #37

Where have i been? Not blogging, Playing fortnite and Eating crisps that is it, well, not quite just that but you know…

Because i know you all care so much about what I’ve been up to, don’t you? you probably don’t but I’m still going to tell you and yes playing fortnite and eating crisps has taken up a percentage of my time, but its not all ive been doing, I moved to Costa del Birmingham and started a new job at a restaurant called Restaurant Folium, if you’re in Birmingham any time and want a tasting menu experience, folium is your place to call.

“How was moving to birmingham” I hear you all ask, well it was hell, on earth, a very expensive hell, honestly from my now found experience of moving to a big city, plan ahead, ALOT of time ahead, because trying to do it in a week like i did was insane and inevetably took me three weeks, but it was all worht it and i fully recomend not house sharing and living as close to the city centre as you can afford because thats what i did and im glad i did, because i live walking distance to everything, Work, The Train Station, The Shops.

I’m tired, very tired but it will all be worth it in the end, i hope.

Moving to birmingham is pretty much all ive been doing since i last blogged so i dont really have alot to tell you, but when i have 5 mins (1 hour) i will write some more blogs and hopefully get back into the swing of things.

Thankyou as always for reading.

Ethan X

Featured image photo credit @deannkansu


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