Restaurants, Cafe’s & Gelato #39

Food man, we all eat it, but some of us enjoy it more, like me, i love food and i thought what better to write a blog about that something you love? so i thought you know, ill compile a list of places ive loved eating at and places id love to eat at in the future, ill try to keep it short and sweet but i won’t, it will 100% be a thousand words plus. Enjoy.

Where I’ve been;

The Man Behind The Curtain, Leeds. Let’s start, with probably my favourite restaurant of the past five years, The man behind the curtain. having eaten here a few times and doing two weeks work experience there i cannot fault Michael O’Hare’s style and off the wall food. The sort of place where if you like food or not, you’ll leave and still be thinking about it two weeks later.

Klay Pizzaria, Stoke-on-Trent. Klay, The local “pizza place” with the coolest atmosphere, the sickest pizza and brilliant staff. I mean a Big Mac pizza? The best restaurant in Hanley, by a long mile.

The Breakfast Club, Brighton. I went to the breakfast club when i visited Brighton and my god was i blown away, credit to any cafe/bar/restaurant that can have people happy to sit and cue outside, just to have some breakfast, doing it right.

The Black Swan, Oldstead. Tommy banks and his team, creating probably the second best farm to table food in the UK, behind l’enclume, but in a very different, quirky way, the atmosphere the warmth, everything, The Black Swan has it all.

Little Seeds. Stone. Slightly Biased having worked there, but wonderful in its one way, doing what nobody else is doing in Stoke-On-Trent, I’d go as far to say in Staffordshire, a real cut above the rest. Bringing Farm to the table. Local, Fresh and Seasonal. At reasonable prices.

Relae, Copenhagen. One of the best places i have been, the standards are high, the food is UNREAL and the whole atmosphere just changed the game in my mind.

Boho Gelato, Brighton. You like Gelato? Visit Boho Gelato i swear to god, you’ll never get gelato anywhere else, this place is amazing. Gelato on point.

Federal Cafe, Manchester. THE ONLY PLACE IN THE UK TO GO FOR BRUNCH, if you can get through the crowd of people trying to get there fix of Turkish eggs or Avacado on toast. I couldn’t suggest a better place for brunch. The atmosphere is second to none.

Manchester House, Manchester. I’ve visited Manchester house twice, once with my friend an the second with my mum and honestly, I was blown away both times, I’ve eaten at a few Michelin star restaurants and i really don’t understand why Manchester house doesn’t have one I really don’t.

Places I Want To Go.

Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottingham. Sat Bains, A legend, a Real life, living cooking, running legend, a man in his own right, cooking the best food his side of the northern line. What a place, a really sick place, book me in.

Eggslut, Downtown LA, Las Vegas, Venice, Glendale, West LA. my oh, my Eggslut is a sick ass restaurant in America, started by food legend Alvin Cailan the man knows what sort of food people want to eat but EggSlut is inspired by a true love for eggs just like me, a love for eggs, almost an obsession. If/When i go to America one day, eggslut is number one on the priorities list.

The Fat Duck, Bray. Heston, Heston, Heston, the man with the magic touch, the man that knows how to do the coolest shit, in the best way, when the time is available, you’ll find me in bray.

Restaurant A.T, Paris. I don’t know a massive amount about Restaurant A.T other than i followed them on Instagram a long time ago and they just do the sickest things ever and they seem to just have fun, and make sick food.

Restaurant Story, London. Probably one of the slickest, most modern restaurants in London at the moment and definitely makes it onto my list of restaurants to visit, Doing its own thing in its own way restaurant story is up there with the best in my eyes.

Noma, Copenhagen. Do i even need to say anything about noma, by far the best restaurant in the world and by far the hardest to get into, if i was a millionaire i would’ve visited noma Mexico, noma before they closed and renovated and changed, just noma man. The greatest.

Obviously, there are millions of other restaurants i would love to visit and i will for sure do an updated version of this post, the more i visit restaurants the better.

Thankyou for reading, as always.

Ethan X


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