If your glass is half empty, what are you topping it up with? #40

FIRST OF ALL. My 40th blog post, what the fuck, 40 blog posts, i question where and when i found the time to write all of those between playing fortnite and eating i really don’t know, But here we are.

Losing confidence, but staying positive. I wouldn’t say, on the outside i’m any less confident than i used to be and I’m sure that all of my friends and family will re-assure people of that but as i have grown older and out i can for sure say that on the inside ive started to question why I’m so confident, but not in a negative way, always positive. But, i think you have to keep yourself grounded and asking yourself why? is always the best place to start? and i think we, or definitely me, use the word why? a lot more than we should, vocally but don’t ask ourselves enough mentally.

“why are you saying that you sound like a dick?”

“why are you worried about what people that don’t know you think?”

“why don’t you dress the way you want to dress?”

but for sure i think getting older makes you less confident, I’m sure, because i really didn’t care this much 2 years ago, id have paraded around wearing anything, saying as i like and calling the shots but i sure couldn’t do that now, maybe its not a lack of confidence but i growth in sensibility? who knows.

I really think it is about staying positive no matter how unconfident you are. or how much you wanna change the way you look or the way you act or the way you spend your days procrastinating you’ve just got to spend your days smiling no matter how shit it feels inside, stays happy and live and that’s how i want to be. POSITIVE.

THANKYOu for the 40th time for reading my blog. Peace out till next time.

Ethan X


Featured image credit; Instagram chloejadeball_


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