A smile A day keeps the doctor away #41

So I’ve recently moved to Birmingham, but my family live in stoke so I spend a lot of time on trains going back and from Stoke to Birmingham and the same when I lived in Cumbria and obviously, spending a lot of time on trains around a lot of people and I can genuinely say, one in a thousand people will smile back at you or make a jokey comment, but everyone else just sits there with there monotone faces and it’s boring, why can’t we get on the train or go around big city’s and barely make eye contact, like I just want a fucking smile.

But why is it nobody smiles at each other anymore, or have a conversation, you’re only going to meet these people once, a smile isn’t going to break the speed of light and subsequently make the world explode. I say all of this while having my face stuck in my laptop watching tv on my phone but I do try and smile at as many people as I can. Like a clown on crack trying to get just a smile.

A smile can change a day, a week, a month. What if the person you smile at is having a shitty day? what if just that morning they had an argument with there other half or a family member, Your smile could completely change there day, I’m telling you, ask yourself when you laugh, no matter how you feel, for the 10 seconds you’re laughing, “do all your problems feel a lot less bad?” and I will honestly argue with ANYBODY who says I’m wrong. A smile a day keeps the doctor away, well I don’t know how scientifically proven that is but, just smile man, watch a comedy with your breakfast, start the day the right way and fucking smile at people man.

For as long as I can remember i just love making people laugh, It’s infectious, It’s like a drug, knowing something you’ve said or done can make somebody burst out in pure happiness. I just always think that somebody that is happy or funny is a good thing to have around, to just be around somebody that wants to have a laugh or do stupid stuff is the best. I would say I spend like 90% of my day messing around or making stupid comments but it feels good because I forget the problems circling around my head when I’m alone or not smiling, is when the upset creeps in.

For me, you’ve just got to be happy man and smile, no matter how shit you feel.

As for now and forever thank you so much for reading.

Ethan X

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