Walking just off the beaten track #42

oh hey blog, it’s been a while, so when better to start again? sunday evening, sat outside, sit down dancing to throwback Thursday, while these fucking dogs keep jumping up to me, honestly no better setting, like a movie scene. *a shit movie*

ive struggled recently, on what to blog about because one i dont just want to ramble on about being happy and eating crisps, i want things to be different so i dunno, a little break never hurt a soul, right? anyway, less about me and onto more about me.

*throws the dogs ball so it stops barking*IMG_0811.JPGoh no, he’s just gonna continue bringing it back, honestly, those puppy eyes are for the camera, 3 seconds prior to the photo he was barking i promise.

anyway, more about me

i don’t really know what to blog about so I’m just gonna chat shit about the world and that, actually ill do 20 things I’ve learnt at 20. what a game-changing blog my friends, Let’s go;

  1. Your dream job is never a dream. unless you don’t have a dream job, then its pretty easy, but in my case, the dream job definitely isn’t a dream, to be honest, it’s quite the opposite, there’s no time to dream.
  2. Like three of your friends, are actually your friends. i’n definition, we have 1000’s of friends but what a vague word, because, friends care, love and accept. try and get like three good ones in life.
  3. Family is more, like for real, i have a relatively close family and its amazing like i really don’t know how i would cope if my family weren’t close, having a close loving family is to die for.
  4. Life is life. and you really just have to accept it for what it is and there’s not a lot you can do about it, but life is also what you make of it, i saw somebody do this tweet on twitter the other day and it kinda pissed me off. *One second I’ll find it* I’ll leave her @ in because I’m nice like that..Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 19.52.16.pngand like it didn’t piss me off in a bad way its just like she’s complaining about not having enough for this and that and paying for her house and whatever yeah,  but like in life, you have what you can afford, like i get £18ish grand salary a year so like half what her and her partner have together and i do alright and i have to pay for everything in a place on my own like, don’t complain just work harder and its not fair for me to judge her for what she has but its 2018 man, like she is a blogger i think so like younger people may read her blog and stuff and like people are fucking miserable, like be cheerful in a shitty world, don’t make everything seem so shit.
  5. Be nice to everyone, or as nice as you can. Be as nice as you can because one day it will come back to bite you on the arse if you’re not, i was a horrible little bastard to some people when i was younger and in some cases I’m really living to regret it, some people love me for it because its something to look back on but it has really stumped my friendships and closeness with certain people, man i wish i was nicer sometimes. be nice to people, you don’t know how rich or pretty they could be one day or both.
  6. What you do really does define you. Your job, the way you look and the stupid tattoos available to get really will affect and benefit you in different ways, for instance, in a chef, ive got tattoos and i don’t really care what people think, ive got a  job where swearing, being inappropriate and banter are massively accepted, but in circumstances where those things are not accepted i can struggle and sometimes seem like I’m overstepping the mark.
  7. Getting tattoos isn’t a bad thing. When i was deciding on getting a tattoo just before i turned 18 i had a real think on whether people would think different of me, or not like or accept me but honestly they had a very opposite effect, people find you to be “individual, different” and in some cases, hold your breath.. cool. yeah, me cool.
  8. Social media is a bitch. A good bitch, and a bad bitch, i suppose it really depends on what you want out of social media if constant judgement and lack of interest is what you’re into, hit me up and I’ll give you the passwords for my accounts.
  9. Have your own best intentions in mind, not somebody else’s.
  10. Take photos of everything, i.e things in books, happy times, sad times, things you want to remember because keeping a picture on your phone, laptop, iPad whatever is a lot easier than keeping a book or a massive collection of photos, plus, if you have a memory like a sieve its nice to have something to look back at.
  11. Class is earnt, not given. Nobody but the queen is the queen so work for your class and don’t be classless, surround yourself with people with high class and decorum, and i don’t mean classy people that think they’re on made in Chelsea, but people with natural class, respectful, polite people. not classless wankers.
  12. Be you. be the best version.
  13. Your friends aren’t you. Getting advice of friends and family is a necessity in life, but they aren’t you, they don’t fully understand what you want or how you feel, so don’t let them make your decisions, don’t let them decide what happens in your life, because people aren’t always as great as you make out and what you want isn’t always what they want for you, be you and take advice, its a fine line. People are spiteful and jealous.
  14. Fight for what you want. Don’t just be a fence sitter, belonging to one thing, because that’s the easiest thing to do, do whats best for you, not whats easier, because it might be easy not but in five years time it might have made things ten times harder.
  15. holy shit this is hard, i really haven’t learnt that much.
  16. Create your best memories, with the best people. Find the best people you can to make good memories, try not to make them with shitty people that don’t care, make them with people that will remember them as fondly as you do.
  17. Shitty people, shouldn’t make you feel like shit, but they do.
  18. Music affects your mood, good or bad, music will change your mood, a good dance never hurt anybody.
  19. Youtube is the best app ever. like how can you go from watching a vlog, to watching giraffes fight and not wonder where the last 3 hours have gone.
  20. Stay young forever. or at least try. I’m 14 at heart.
  21. Be sarcastic, it’s the best shit ever

Honestly, that took me so long to write, if you don’t like what i say, don’t @ me because these are my opinion they’re not generally correct.

Thank you forever for reading.

Ethan X


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