Why waste your life, Just drink coffee and live. #43

erm yeah, hey hi hello, however you say it in your mouth, i’m really trying at the moment to be a generic blogger at the moment so I’mm going to complain about the way other people just moan about everything, i touched on it in my previous blog post and i decided it would be easier and more beneficial to just write a new blog post about it all. I just want to say before i get into it, i know that everyone’s life is different and everyone’s situations in life and not everybody deals with things in the same way, it’s just a rant. don’t get uptight if you do/say anything I’m gonna complain about, also. some people may say “oh you’re not this and that all the time” or whatever and yeah i get that because the world is shit but yeah, let’s go before i dig a whole to China.

Probably the biggest thing that pisses me off is when people say “my life is shit”

like come on for fuck sake, your average life is shit, really because you can’t buy the newest Gucci trainers or your not living Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen’s life like come on for fuck sake is your life really that shit, I’m pretty sure i could state a thousands reasons why, your life, compared to somebody who does actually have a shit life’s life you’d realise how good you actually have it like come on and yes a “shit” life is subjective and dependent on how you feel not just materialistic things but i can fully imagine an African kid living in a mud hut with one arm and malaria and barely a cup of water between 30 people has a lot of a shittier life than you, we all have problems but problems are easily dealt with, deal with them don’t just moan about them.

the next one is the one that i commented on, on my other blog post earlier/yesterday, depending on when i post this blog. *probably neither of those times*.

i saw somebody put his tweet on twitter the other day and it kinda pissed me off. *One second I’ll find it* I’ll leave her @ in because I’m nice like that..Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 19.52.16.png

and like it didn’t piss me off in a bad way its just like she’s complaining about not having enough for this and that and paying for her house and whatever yeah,  but like in life, you have what you can afford, like i get £18ish grand salary a year so like half what her and her partner have together and i do alright and i have to pay for everything in a place on my own like, don’t complain just work harder and its not fair for me to judge her for what she has but its 2018 man, like she is a blogger i think so like younger people may read her blog and stuff and like people are fucking miserable, like be cheerful in a shitty world, don’t make everything seem so shit. *that’s what i put and I’m just gonna add more because you know me*

like yeah having your own home is probably hard as shit like ive never seen somebody that isnt rich as shit say any less but we live in an impressionable world and currently a really depressing world like, don’t make it look like you have to dread life and cry about everything because it really isn’t that deep like, life is life and money doesn’t have to affect the world you live and ill probably sound like a bit rude and stuff but like she has a dog there’s one thing that she’s spending money on that could be used in other ways and i get that people like pets but if you’re struggling you’re struggling, don’t have a pet. i scrolled down like 30 posts on her twitter and she’s buying food from hello fresh im sorry but if you’re spending £10 per meal getting food delivered to your house FOR ONE FUCKING MEAL then stop that if “adulting and having your own home is fucking hard, and expensive’ for fuck sake, hello fresh. oh wait another one VEGAN HAIR PRODUCTS for fuck sake if I’m struggling I’d wash my hair with toothpaste for fuck sake and I’m not just going in on this girl, i just know there’s 1000’s of people like this.

People that gender identify as a fucking tree or a packet of fucking Doritos or whatever, like no, you’re a human, man or woman, nothing else. when you were born, on your birth certificate it would’ve said male or female, not a triangle or a fucking unicorn. gender fluid is such a made-up word just to make people feel like they’re in this super cool group that is different and cool like no, you’re just different, there’s nothing wrong with being different but you’re not identifying as something other than a male or a female. That’s final.

“Men have it easy” Physically yeah i agree we do, 100% we don’t have periods and we don’t have to have children, but that isn’t our fault, you don’t choose your gender and the menstrual cycle is just life. but mentally, men, Certainly don’t have it easier, not at all. if in any way they have it a lot harder. just going to say some statistics;

1 in every 5 women in the UK report that they have a mental health issue, compared to 1 in every 8 men, However, 3/4 so 75 in every 100 suicides are male and people don’t kill themselves if they’re okay. so what does that say? because it’s not as if men don’t have mental health issues but as a man, socially, its a lot harder to admit you’re mental health issue, a lot harder. so men may, on the outside may look as if they have an easy ride, but i can assure you. it’s not as great as you imagine.

Have abit of fun with your life n fuck off. Peace.

Ethan X

Featured image credit; Dean Kansu


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