There’s nothing more to regret in life than the email address’ you made as a kid #44

2019 ALL BLOODY READY, the year I turn 21 wow wow, I don’t really know what is making write this blog as I’m sat in a relatively cold bath but hey ho. Life update time;

Why I stopped blogging!?

I feel like jumped so hard at blogging, thick and fast blog after blog, and it takes a lot out of you, typing, spelling, making sure you don’t go off on a tangent and start talking about the price of beans in Uganda, it’s hard. I move to Birmingham, not really an excuse but work was/is hella busy so I felt like I never had a spare hour to write a blog post so it kinda just got put on the shelf to collect dust. I went through a break up, which of course for anybody isn’t fun, but I got over it and came out of it a better person. Life goes on kinda style.

Plans for 2019!?

Work, change my mindset, lose weight, become a better person, turning 21 in March is going to be a massive turning point as a person as I feel at 21 you’re a fully functioning adult and it all gets serious from there on out so. Gaining more of a positive mind and getting fit should deffo be a plus.


The good the bad and the down right disgusting was 2018 but I feel like everyone feels the same, good things happened; working at Folium, started blogging and my friends and family are happy, oh and I made up with my best friend after not speaking for 5 months which was also a massive plus for 2019.

What to expect!?

Weight loss, staggered blogs (on Monday’s) & positivity.

only a short one for today as I need to get back into the flow of things, plus I’m in the bath and it’s cold and I’m hungry.

Thankyou for reading love u all xo

Ethan X


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