Finally, after searching and searching for somebody to make me a logo I finnaly found somebody and it’s excactly what i wanted. Thankyou Dan Davis. His twitter is @DanielDavies_22. EXPECT TO SEE THE LOGO EVERYWHERE.


The blog is changing. I REPEAT. THE BLOG IS CHANGING. So I’m at nearly 30 blog posts now and I’m living the dream, but i have over the last couple of weeks been thinking of how i can shape up the blog, to make sure that i am putting my full effort into writing blog posts … More CHANGING. #29

Destinations I Really Really Want To Visit. #26

It’s 2018 and everyone’s going to Amsterdam for the weekend and having a fun generic holiday, Amsterdam, along with about 15 other generic destinations that I’d NEVER EVER EVER want to visit, that I won’t mention for the sake of not peeing people off. I thought I’d be opinionated and tell you places that i want to … More Destinations I Really Really Want To Visit. #26